ski resorts. The cable car led us for a long time over snow-covered conifers, lifting us to an elevation of almost2,000metres,wherewewereawaitedbythewonderful Hans, our ski instructor, under whose guidance really any complete novice would quickly find themselves skiing. As was the casewithme! So, don’t let anyone persuade you that youwon’t be able to stand on skis if you’re slightly older. On the contrary! It’s so easy andexcitingthat I’ll never againwishtovisit theseaside duringwinter. That’s because I finally discoveredwhat skiers are always talking about andwhy they talk with suchyearningabout themountains towhichtheyconstantlyand joyously return.The feeling is indescribable when you’re on top of theworld, in a place you usually only see fromthevantagepoint of aplane,when it flies over snowy peaks and it seems to you that only eagles reign there. As oxygen energises every cell, the heart pounds with nerves and excitement, while the snow crunches under the skis and it seems as though nothing in the world can be more wonderful. Thiswell-knownski areaoffersa total of 14gondolacableandchair lifts,with42kilometresof award-winning, well-maintained, wide-ranging ski runs, a stateof-the-art school of skiing and snowboarding, as well as snow-making machines to ensure perfectly white runs at all times. Kreischberg is particularly loved by children, because it has a baby lift and magic carpet, while adults love it because in such a great place you don’t have to wait in queues, there’s no overcrowding and the slopes are excellent.