30 | , / , Kraljevoowes itsname tothe kings of its glorious history - seven of them were crowned at Žiča Monastery, and traces of their rule over these lands are still visible to this day. The very scenery of this place seems to have leapt from the pages of a novel about knights, princesses and terrible dragons – just 180 kilometres fromBelgrade, in the heart of Serbia, visitors pass through the lilac valley, above which rises the mysterious medieval citadel of Maglič. Anyone who has seen the Kraljevo coat of arms knows that there are seven crowns on it, which symbolise the seven coronations, and legend has it that a new door was opened at Žiča Monastery for every ruler, through which only he passed, after which it would be immediately bricked up. Whether this is true or not, today the monastery still has seven closed doorways that lure visitors to come and hear the story of this place. The city adorns the banks of three large rivers - West Morava, Ibar and Gruža. Other, smaller tributaries are so numerous they’re no longer counted. And if they ever get tired of their rivers or just want some different scenery, Kraljevo folk head to the beautiful nearby mountains - Goč, Stolove, Troglav, Radočelo… Guests seeking healing waters and spa treatments can easily reach three spas from Kraljevo - Vrnjačka, Mataruška and Bogutovačka, where they are, of course, awaited by the royal treatment. iStock / MilanMaksovic . grad je, na zahtev građana, dobio ime Kraljevo prilikom posete kralja Milana Obrenovića city received its nal name Kraljevo at the request of citizens, commemorating a visit of KingMilanObrenović kilometra jugozapadno od Kraljeva na vrhu strmog brda nalazi se srednjovekovni grad Maglič kilometres southwest of Kraljevo, at the top of a steep hill, sits the medieval citadel of Maglič kilometara jugoistočno od Kraljeva i 202 kilometra od Beograda nalazi se planina Goč kilometres southeast of Kraljevo and 202 kilometres from Belgrade is the mountain area of Goč iStock / MilanMaksovic reke teku kroz Kraljevo: Zapadna Morava, Ibar i Gruža rivers ow through Kraljevo: West Morava, Ibar and Gruža iStock / MilanMaksovic