| 109 BMrs Janković was greeted as the six-millionth passenger at the airport’s Terminal 2 by BELGRADEAIRPORT Chief Executive O cer FrancoisBerisot andAir SerbiaGeneral Manager for Commercial and Strategy Jiří Marek, who awarded this record passenger with the valuable gift of two business class return tickets to NewYork. “We have achieved the mark of six million passengers, our best result so far, largely as a result of the opening of as many as ten new routes by Air Serbia, new ights of airlines Air France and ASL to Paris, newWizz Air ights to Lyon and a very successful charter season. Congratulations toMrs Danijela Janković, as I hope shewill remember thismoment and have no doubt that she will enjoy the overseas trip,” said Mr Berisot. According to Air Serbia Commercial and Strategy GM Marek: “Air Serbia this year contributed strongly to the success of BelgradeNikolaTesla Airport in achieving sixmillion passengers. It is our privilege that themilestonepassenger chose to ywithAir Serbia.This is yet further con rmation thatwe are the rst carrier of choice with the highest number of destinations from Belgrade and connections via Belgrade. We will continue to develop our network in order to increaseour customers’choice.Weare committed not only to passengers departing from Belgrade, but also to attracting passengers to come and visit this beautiful country. As a tokenof our gratitude, wewould like topresent the winner with two business class tickets for our agship state-of-the art service from Belgrade to New York, the only direct route from the Balkans to North America”. BelgradeNikolaTeslaAirport, whichhas beenoperated for almost ayearbyBELGRADE AIRPORT, under a concession agreement, recorded almost 4.75millionpassengers in the rst three quarters of this year, representing an increase of 7.8 per cent compared to the same period of last year. During the third quarter alone, the number of passengers traversing the Airport increased by 9.3 per cent compared to the same period of last year. Air Serbia this year contributed strongly to the success of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport in achieving six million passengers Er Srbija je ove godine umnogome doprinela uspešnom poslovanju Aerodroma Nikola Tesla i dostignutom broju od 6.000.000 putnika koje je Aerodrom uslužio