88 | : / : juri sam kroz tihu noć. Klavijature i klavir sviram najbolje. Štabistebili danistemuzičar? – Loš filmski glumac. VašećerkeAleksandraiKristina su se našle na pop muzičkoj sceni.Kolikostevidoprineli njihovommuzičkom buđenju? –Vrlomalo. Šta su uspele odmene da čuju i eventualno da nauče, zavisilo je od njih. Moje su ćerke vrlo retko pevale moje kompozicije i moju muziku, ali sve su posebni kvaliteti. Svakoj sam spreman da pomognem koliko im je potrebno. Kako provodite slobodno vreme? – Vrlo ga malo imam zato što se trudim da se maksimalno nađem u radu koji volim. Kad imam predah, čitam knjige, gledam TV kanale na mađarskom, italijanskomi španskom jeziku. Volim italijanski jezik i tako pokušavam da ga učim. Kuda najradije putujete? – Omiljena su mi već pet godina letovanja na Hvaru. To ostrvo mi se dopalo još kad sam u mladosti tamo nastupao. Nakojojgeografskoj tačkibiste se rado našli prvi put? – Na Siciliji i Taormini. - Better to be a workaholic than an alcoholic. That’s what I practise from10 in the morning tomidnight, usually all day. I spend my time in my study. Along the way I run around the room, apart from when I’m for notes, in front of the piano and with headphones. My favourite part of the day for working is when nobody in my surroundings is cheering for the Partizan or Red Star football clubs, because I live near Marakana Stadium in Belgrade. I can also create during times tennis ace Novak Đoković is winning. What didyou imagine you’ddoprofessionally when you were a child? - Pastry chef was an attractive profession tome. And I also abandoned an even more appealing profession as a jazz musician, which I never really fully became. Where and when did you first perform on stage? - On a relatively small stage with a piano, when my friends persuaded me to play my only composition at the time, Leave the Pavements. A few years later, I discovered that my rst compositionwas a plain plagiarising of a French chanson. Howmuchdidluckcontributetoyou finding yourself in the right place at the right placewith the rightmusicians to have such a rich opus, or werework, discipline, andeffort the decisive factors? - Luck didn’t have a decisive impact. Even when I played and made funny songs, that didn’t carry me. Do you always have a feeling in advance about a hit? - I never expect of myself to make a hit from the start, because that would be counterproductive, and in that case you can end up with a copy of some famous tracks, or plagiarism. Youwere born on 1st January. Have youeverwrittena songon that particular day? - I don’t work on 1st January, nor do I celebratemy birthday on that day, rather a fewdays later. I don’t count that date as a signi cant start something new, nor have I evermade a resolution to then turn over a new leaf in some chapter of my life. I turn over leaves a little every day… Have you ever cried while writing a song? - Poet SergeiYeseninwas toblame for my tears to start owing when I reached themiddlepart of his poemThebitchAnd all his other poems helped me to write complete music for the musical Confession of a Hooligan. You also wrote the hit My Generation. With what do you associate your generation? - I associate it with my birth in 1942 inNiš, andwithmy parents.With the song Generation 42, Korni Grupa participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton, England in 1974.Wewere only in 12th place according to the rankings, but we met the well-mannered and respectable performers of pop group Abba, and the then very good looking girls Agnetha and Anni. Whowouldyoudevoteyour favourite song to? - Tomy daughters, Aleksandra, Kristina and the youngest, Anja, and of course my granddaughter Tara. And a special new song for my wife Sneška. That song will be sung by Bisera Veletanlic. If you could live in another century, which would you choose on the basis of musical taste? - Not in any century; in one of them was it easy for an author to create and to live great, without di cult conditions. I wasn’t in the right place at the right time. I was found by the right music. And she adoredme as I her, like agood lookinggirl. What instruments do you play and are thereany that you’drather learn to play? - For a short while I played the double bass for the earnings. I also played the violin for four years as part of school assignments, but I play the piano and keyboards the best. What would you be if you weren’t a musician? - A poor lm actor. Your daughters Aleksandra and Kristina found themselves on the popmusic scene. Howmuchdidyou contribute to their musical awakening? - Very little. What they managed to hear and possibly learn fromme also dependedon them. My daughters very rarely sang my compositions and my music, but they are all special qualities. I’m ready to help them all as much as they need. How do you spend your free time? - I have very little, because I try maximally nd myself in the work that I love. When I nd respite I readbooks, I watchTV channels in Hungarian, Italian and Spanish. I love the Italian language and am trying to learn it in that way. Where do youmost like to travel to? - My favourite for the last ve years has been summer holidays onHvar. I liked that island even back in my youth when I performed there. At which geographical point would you like to find yourself for the first time? - On Sicily and Taormina. Korni grupa će posle tri decenije pauze nastupiti 31. januara 2019. godine u Centru Sava After a gap of three decades, Korni grupa will perform on 31st January 2019 at the Sava Centre