70 | / Šesta stanica VENECIJA UVeneciji jeMonika 2016. sa rediteljemEmiromKusturicomi SlobodomMićalović Ćetković na 73. Mostri promovisala film Na Mlečnom putu. Gradu se vraćala, kao što se vraćaju svi koji ga bar jednomposete. Jer zaljubite se neminovno u Veneciju dok gondolama putujete Velikim kanalom, stane vam dah kod Crkve SantaMarija dela Salute koja spajaKanal i zaliv SvetogMarka. Uzdahnućete sigurnonaMostuuzdaha na kojem se danas ljube zaljubljeni, a nekada je spajao novo i staro krilo venecijanskog zatvora. Odatle je jednombežao Kazanova, prekomostova, kanalima do Crkve Svetog Marka... Nezaboravno. of the Umbria region because it was close to her hometown, but also because of its reputation – Perugia is known as the student city with a cosmopolitan spirit. Visit theUniversity, established in 1308, tour the Duomo Cathedral and Fontana Maggiore, check out the Etruscan Arch, dating back to the third century BC. Whichever time of year you visit Perugia, youwon’t bemistaken. During the summer it hosts the Umrbia Jazz Festival, while during colder days it is home to the EuroChocolate Festival, which is considered the “tastiest” festival in Italy. Here you’re literally awaited by la dolce vita (the sweet life). Third stop MILAN Monica’s quest to realise her dreams led her far from Perugia, straight to Milan, where sheworked inmodelling. Italy’s economic centre became the place of her first great successes. It didn’t take the fashion houses long to recognise her potential, and among thenames shecollaboratedwithwas theduoDolce&Gabbana,whosecampaigns she still appears in today. Success, and particularly success in Milan, is no negligible achievement, given that this city is considered the capital of world fashion. You can guess that this city is a paradise for lovers of shopping! Leading to this paradise is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a shopping arcade that houses outlets of the world’s most prestigious brands. It’s not obligatory to familiarise yourself with new trends, but youmustn’t bypassMilan’s La Scala, the Teatro alla Scala, the neoclassical 18th century building that was designed by architect Giuseppe Piermarini and is one of theworld’s most famous opera houses. Whilst touring this city that has a history dating the times of ancient Rome, enjoy adelicious panzerotti and an obligatory aperitif (Italians don’t skip that), then continue on to Sforza Castle. The former residence of the dynasty of the same name, it is today a museum and gallery. Of course, you cannot leave Milan without seeing the church of Santa Maria delleGrazie, which features LeonarddaVinci’s famous mural The Last Supper. Fourth stop: SICILY Monica’s next goal was to conquer acting. She appeared in Italian, French and American films, from Life With the Sons, The Apartment and Dobermann (in which she acted alongside her future husband, Vincent Cassel) toMalèna, whichmade her famous. Guiseppe Tornatore’s film is set in a fictional Sicilian village and depicts the life of local resident Maddalena Scordia, an unbelievably beautiful woman separated fromher husband byWorldWar II, who is an object of lust and hatred among the locals due to her beauty. Was there any actress who could have better portrayed this character? No there wasn’t! Have you see everything in Italy if you haven’t been to Sicily? No you haven’t! And when you arrive on this Mediterranean island you won’t know what to visit first. The medieval town of Erica, with its Castello di Venere and Torretta Pepoli, the province of Agrigento, known as the Valley of the Temples, Mount Etna volcano, which offers views of the whole of Sicily, Palermo, where you can bathe in the Tyrrhenian Sea and stop to admire Monreale Cathedral. Sicily is also home to the city of Syracuse, with its Temple of Apollo, but also the village of Corleone, where you can remind yourself of TheGodfather... Fifth stop ROME The actress who played Mary Magdalene in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ visited this city both to attend its film festival and to promote the filmSpectre, in which she played James Bond’s girlfriend ... at the age of 52! But also because all roads lead to Rome... for a million good reasons. Otherwise, this renownedCleopatrastar and multi-award winning actress was married to photographer Claudio Carlos Basso, engagedtoactorNicolaFarronandthenmarried to Vincent Cassel, with whom she has two daughters, Léonie and Deva. She has been officially single for years, while unofficially she walks the streets of Rome with a mystery man... Sixth stop VENICE It was in Venice in 2016 that Monica, along with director Emir Kusturica and actress SlobodaMićalović Ćetković, attended the 73rd ‘Mostra’ film festival to promote the film On the Milky Road. She returned to this city, just like everyone who’s visited it at least once. That’s because it’s inevitable that you will fall in love with Venice while you ride along the Grand Canal in a gondola, and while you are left breathless at the church of Santa Maria della Salute, which connects the canal and San Marco Bay. You will certainly sigh on the Bridge of Sighs, which once connected the new and old wings of Venice Prison and where lovers still kiss today. It was from there that Casanova once escaped, crossing bridges and canals to reach StMark’s Basilica... Unforgettable. I’ve been living in France for a long time, but Italy is my country. The only passport I have is Italian, and that’s also the language I always speak with my daughters. They were born in Rome, so they speak without an accent, which was always very important to me “ Živela sam dugo u Francuskoj, ali Italija je moja zemlja. Jedini pasoš koji imam je italijanski, a to je i jezik kojim uvek razgovaram sa svojim ćerkama. Rođene su u Rimu, pa govore bez akcenta, što mi je oduvek bilo veoma važno