64 | / te ljudski moći da priđete i bacite svoj novčić preko ramena. Ako se plašite vremena, ne brinite. Jeste uveče prilično hladno, ali preko dana temperatura bude od 10 do 14 stepeni, što je prijatno ako ste toplo obučeni. Dakle, podrazumeva se da ćete u Rimponeti šal, kapu i rukavice, ali sve posle toga je okej. Naročito, ako se zna da, iako može da pada kiša, januar nije mesec poznat po kišama, a možete imati sreće i uhvatiti mnogo sunčanih dana. I na kraju, za sve šopingmanijake, znajte da je datum koji treba da pribeležite u kalendar važnih događaja 5. januar 2019. godine. To je subota, prva od mnogih koje slede, a koja otvara vreme čuvenih rimskih rasprodaja. Velike i male prodavnice, čuveni i manje čuveni brendovi okitiće svoje izloge prelepom italijanskom rečju Saldi. Rim je poznat po kožnoj galanteriji kao što su rukavice, kaiševi, torbe i jakne, pa su ponude za kupovinu ovih komada među najboljima u Evropi, a butike sa relativno jeftinom garderobom potražite u Via del Korso, Via Barberinini, Via del Tritone i Via Nacionale. Za sve one koji su u potrazi za kupovinom hrane ili vina tu je čuveni Kampo de Fjori. Rasprodaje su u Italiji propisane zakonom i njihovo trajanje varira od regije do regije, ali zimske rasprodaje uglavnompočinju prve nedelje januara i traju od 45 do 60 dana. headto thePiazzaNavona,which–alongside thePiazzadiSpagna–isoneoftheworld’smost beautiful Baroque-style squares. On Navona, during that time, you’ll encounter a Christmas bazaar that culminates precisely on the day of the Epiphany, so you should take your children there or disguise yourself as a child under a mask and stu yourself with sweets. Joking aside, Navona is renowned for many things: its architecture and history, but perhaps most of all for Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers, which symbolised the four continentsthatwerethenknown: Europe’sDanube, Asia’s Ganges, Africa’s Nile and America’s Rio Grande. Navona is always anopen-air theatre, painting gallery and concert hall; a place you mustn’t miss whenever you come to Rome. When the time of craziness, joy and holidays passes, Rome and its inhabitants take a well deserved break. Guests from elsewhere inthecountry returnhome lledwith impressions,whileRome’s residentsenterwhat isperhaps the only period of the year when their city isn’t awash with tourists. And that con- rms the excuse o ered at the beginning of this article for visiting Rome at this speci c time.Of course, youwon’t automaticallybeat the frontof thequeue for SaintPeter’sBasilica, but nor will youhave to stand inline endlessly; theColosseumwill beall yours,whileyou’ll really be able to see and experience Rome’s citysquares.Of course, the famousTrevi Fountainwill still be besieged by tourists, because the small sizeof the square ensures there’s always a crowd there, but you’ll be able to approach itwithdecency and throwa coinover your shoulder. If you’re afraid about what the weather will be like, don’t concern yourself. It is quite cold intheevenings, but temperaturesduring theday rangebetween10 and14 °C, which is pleasant provided you dress in warm clothing. So, it’s implied that you should bring a scarf, hat andgloves toRome, but everything else is okay. This is particularly so because it’s known that, although it could rain, January is notamonththat’sknownforbeingrainy, andif you’reluckyyoumightcatchmanysunnydays. And to conclude, for all shopaholics, be aware that the date you need tomark in your calendar of important events is 5th January 2019.That’saSaturday, the rstofmany to follow, which marks the start of Rome’s famous sales period. Large and small shops, with famous and less famous brands, will decorate their windowdisplays with the beautiful Italianword‘Saldi’. Rome is famous for its leather items, suchasgloves,belts,handbagsandjackets,witho ers for thesekindsof itemsamong thebest inEurope,whileyoushouldseekboutiques with relatively inexpensive clothing in the streets Via del Corso, Via Barberinini, Via del Tritone andViaNazionale. For those seeking to purchase food or wine, there’s the famous Campo de’ Fiori. Discount retail sales are regulatedby law in Italy, while their duration varies from region to region. However, winter sales generally start in the rst week of January and last for between 45 and 60 days. Zimske rasprodaje uglavnom počinju prve nedelje januara i traju od 45 do 60 dana Winter sales generally start in the first week of January and last for between 45 and 60 days iStock / piola666 iStock / CarloneGiovanni