22 | The region’s leading airline Vodeća avio-kompanija u regionu – Srećem mnogo prijatelja, to je najčešće slučaj. Dakle, srećem ljude kojevećznam.Naravno, upoznajemi mnogedruge.Nisamna taj načinstekao nove bliske prijatelje, ali jesam nova poznanstva. Možeš lidanamopišeškakose osećaškadaseposledužegboravkauinostranstvuukrcašna let za Beograd? –Radujemsesvakiputkadsevraćamu Beograd. Uvek mi je lepo kad uđem u avion koji leti kući. Pogotovo kad sletimu Beograd, pa na putu odaerodromagledamšta se svepromenilo. Iakoletimveomačesto, ponekad prođu dva-tri meseca, pa mogu da primetim stvari koje su se dogodileumeđuvremenu.Uvek imamneko lepoosećanjekadsevraćamkući. Šta je za tebe najvažnije kad putuješ avionom? –Dasedesidanemamestauekonomskojklasi,pameprebaceubiznis. Koliko si ti sam često crveni, plavi, a koliko beli putnik? – Ako pričamo o zdravstvenom stanju u toku jednog leta, onda promenimsve te boje. Šalu na stranu, ja samnegde između belog i srebrnog putnika. Često letim bez prtljaga jer idem na kratka putovanja, ali letim biznisom kad god mogu. Nakon ovog iskustva, na kog svog lika iz spota ćeš najviše misliti na sledećem letu Er Srbije? –Retkomislimnasvojelikove.Kada ne radim i ne snimam, ne razmišljamo svojimjunacima. Ali volimkada se desi dame iznenadi to što sam uradio.Ovatrojicaizspotaistovremeno i jesu i nisu ja, ne bihmogao da izdvojim jednog konkretno. Popular young actorMiloš Biković is the face of the newmarketing campaignof Serbia’s national airline. Under theslogan“Every journey tailored to you”, he presented all the bene ts of personalised travel with Air Serbia to passengers. In a very appealing video, Biković simultaneously plays categories of passenger ranging from white (travel without luggage), blue (with luggage) and red ( exible reservation), presenting all thebene ts that guests receive depending on the selected ight tari . Howdid you find the filmshoots for the Air Serbia promotional videos? - It was fun, quick, easy and dynamic; I really had a good time. And I think the result is also good. It’s actually the best when things combine to produce an appealing and witty result, and when the lming process is fast and professional. Your character in the promo videos is quite keen to chat with his fellow travellers. Are you like that when you travel, or are you one of those who listens tomusic or reads a book without disturbing others? -Not all of thosecharacters I portrayed while playing this dividedperson are really predisposed to chat. When it comes to me personally, that depends on how tired I am. Aboard the plane I prefer to switch o and, if I’m able, to sleep, because I often travel between two shooting days or some other obligations. I carry a book and headphones, everything that helps me in that moment, because I spend a good part of my life aboard planes. Considering how often I y with Air Serbia, especially along the Belgrade-Moscow route, it was logical for me to either start paying rent, because I live aboard planes, or for Air Serbia to propose that we collaborate. As you know, this latter option happened. Have you evermet someone during a flight who later became a friend or lover? - I encountermany friends, that’smost often the case. So, I meet peoplewho I already know. Of course, I also meet many other people. I haven’t made new close friends in that way, but I have made new acquaintances. Could you describe to us how you feel when boarding a flight bound for Belgrade after spending a long period abroad? - I’mhappyevery timewhen I return to Belgrade. It’s always nice for me to board a plane that will yme home, andparticularly when I land in Belgrade, and during that journey from the airport I look around to see what’s changed. That’s because, even though I y very often, sometimes two or threemonths pass between trips, so I cannotice things that happened in themeantime. I always have some nice feeling when returning home. What’s the most important factor for you when you travel by plane? - When there’s no room left in economy class, so they transfer me to business class. Howoftenare youpersonally a red, blue or white traveller? - If we’re talking about the state of my health during a ight, then I switch between all those colours. Joking aside, I’msomewhere between awhite and a silver guest. I often y without luggage because I’mheading on a short trip, but I y in business class whenever I can. After this experience, whichof your characters from the promo video will you think of the most on your next Air Serbia flight? - I rarely think of the characters I play. When I’m not working and not lming, I don’t think about my heroes. But I love it when I end up being surprised by what I’ve done. These three characters fromthe video are simultaneouslyme and not me, I couldn’t single out one of them in particular. Uvek mi je lepo kad uđem u avion koji leti kući It’s always nice for me to board a plane that will fly me home