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Fashion » Moda | 53 not fashion.”Nevertheless, through her ownwork Stella has earned her place among the greatest: and has done soas an innovatorwhohasput animal welfare, material research and environmental issues at the heart of her practise; as someone who created the first and only vegan “It” bag; and who proved that you can run a global fashion business without sacrificing your personal principles. She is now increasing her influence via a new position – at luxury goods conglomerate LVMH (we don’t evenneed tonote that you can expect the most prestigious portfolio with the abbreviation of Louis VuittonMoët Hennessy), where she has been engaged as a sustainability advisor and works closely with heir to the empire Antoine Arnault. Antoine describes Stella’s approach as “passionate” and “pragmatic”, while he is fascinated by her ability to find a common language even with the leaders of brands that have operations based on the use of leather and fur (for instance Fendi, which belongs to this corporation). Stella embraced the challenge of devising an agenda formore sustainable fashionproduction inaway that only she could. Her passion for the environment is born of her love for animals. Raised as a vegetarian, with principles passed down to her fromhermother Linda, shewas categorically opposed to the use of leather and fur in production from the start of her work in the fashion industry. As she often stresses in interviews “it was even more horrendous to kill an animal for a bag than a meal”. However, after reading a 2008 UN report on climate change, she began considering all the ways the fashion industry imperils nature. Persuading the leaders of the luxury products segment of the advantages of recycling is no mean feat – at the end of the day, these people snobbishly view recyclables as something contrary to prestige. “Weavers in Lake Como [Italy] would tell me openly ‘I’m not working with a recycled fibre, I only work with the finest virgin’, but I was persistent,” she points out proudly, adding that the situation has changed drastically during the pandemic. However, from a fashion perspective, Stella's designer’s stamp isn’t overshadowed by her “eco” ethos. What’s more, it stands out with the leisurely luxury that’s to be expected of someone born into the rock aristocracy. Her brand is known for elegant vegan accessories and light pieces with sophisticated tailoring. In her upcoming spring collection, she draws inspiration fromher origins and the conditions of our new (fashion) normal. Just like the rest of us, Stella is hoping for days when we will again live without Covid protectionmeasures and be able to don evening gowns covered with sequins and trimmed with neon lace. Dokazala je da semože voditi globalni modni biznis, a da se ne žrtvuju sopstveni principi She proved that you can run a global fashion business without sacrificing your personal principles Foto: Profimedia / Bestimage Foto: Profimedia / Bestimage