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Kultura / Culture 38 | Književnost » Literature “If there were no books and reading, I would have struggled to overcome this isolation. I volunteer as a librarian in the library of the Retirement Home and am very interested in hearing from other readers, of different generations, here everyone’s over 70…” This is an excerpt from one of the more than two hundred applications that arrived after news spread throughout the region that ‘Rebellious readers are starting an online reading club’. Envisaged as a virtual reading room where women of different generations can freely exchange opinions about the books they’ve read, the project I Read Rebelliously: for everyone aged from 15 to 115 also attracted the attention of Ružica Rosandić, who was born in 1937 and sent her application to join the club from the Bežanijska Kosa Retirement Home in Belgrade. She was ultimately accepted as one of 18 participants, which is as many as the project required, but the great interest served to demonstrate that female readers around the region want safe spaces where they can discuss literature critically. The Rebellious Reading Rooms thus began operating in April 2021 and gathered participants from different parts of the former Yugoslavia: Bosnia-HerWhile the pandemic continues to rage around the world, a group of women from the countries of the neighbourhood found each other online, reading together and commenting rebelliously on the works of their favourite authors T he r ead i ng c lub t hat ’ s brough t t he r eg i on ’ s women toge t he r I read rebelliously: for everyone aged from 15 to 115