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Music » Muzika | 35 er and discuss music. We think in a very similar way, while on the other hand there are certaindifferences that make what we do diverse. Our process is full of creativity, sometimes painstaking and sometimes noisy, becausewedon't always agree, though in absolutely every case we always consider what’s best for the song. We’ve never had problems with ego and have always accepted the better idea. Tonči is definitely one of the most talented composers in this region and it’s a pleasure to work with him.” You are awaited in February by the Zagreb Arena. When could you come to delight the one in Belgrade? “I’m extremely happy that this will be a year of concerts. The first one, at the Zagreb Arena, has been sold out, while tickets are on sale for the second concert, which will mark my birthday on 19th March. We are also awaited by concerts at the arenas in Split, Pula and Skopje, as well as inmany other large halls. We are working on Belgrade finally getting its turn in the second half of the year, which ismy great wish.” Oliver Dragojević is a man who once confirmed to your father that his boy is really gifted. And the rest has already gone into legend… How and when do you most often remember him? “Oliver had a direct impact on my decision to deal more seriously with music, directed me in my beginnings and, withhis advice, made my journey easier and led tome being more courageous. I remember himvery often. We went through a lot and I really love and appreciate his family. I most often recall our time hanging out together beside the piano, which we would do after concerts and which would last until the early hours of the morning.” You love gastronomy and are an excellent cook. What do you like to make; do you have a dish that your loved ones constantly request? “My family and I have been runninga restaurant inSplit for25years and gastronomy has always been a field that interests me greatly. I’ve travelled the whole world and can say that I’ve seen and tried plenty. I like to cook fish and meat dishes. Mediterranean cuisine is closest to me, though I also loveAsian cuisine, particularly Japanese.” Perhaps you can tell us a little secret of your ‘Petar pizza’, which is said to be very good? Is it right that you discovered the secrets yourself while travelling around Italy? “I spent four years travelling in andaroundNaples, tryingpizzasand seeking inspiration formy own pizzeria. The Petar Pizza is my favourite combination of red onion, prosciutto and Adriatic shrimp. That combination of sweet and savoury is magical.” You fish for squid, pick olives, make wine…When do you find time for all that and what brings you the most happiness in that precious free time? “Life is packed with beautiful things and I fear missing out on something. I’m the type of person who’s constantly on the move and I’m happy that I deal with things that I love. When you can enable yourself to do that, then nothing is difficult. This year I’m launching a line of “Grašo” wines that I’mworking onwithmywinemaker partners and that I’ve been involved in the process of developing from the beginning. I’m really delighted about that, because we’ve already had exceptionally good results. Sparkling Penina Grašowas last year declared as being among the 15bestwines in Slovenia, which is extremely strong on that front. These are things that makeme almost as happy asmusic.” You said in one interview that you were made happiest when people said that their strongest associations with Dalmatia were the sea in first place, Oliver in third place and yourself in seventh place. What do you associate with Dalmatia? “Home, sea, family, fishing… In a word: life.” Where would it be obligatory for you to take our passengers after landing in Split? “Iwouldtake themtomanyplaces, certainly toDiocletian's Palace to see the heart of Split, which bustles with life and beauty. Hundreds of small restaurants and shops make everything so beautiful and lively that it is rendered indescribable. They would visit the most famous beaches, Bačvice andKaštelet, stroll viaMarjanHill, fromwhere theview extends over the entire bay and the city. In the evening, theywoulddefinitely eat at the Grašo restaurant [laughs]!” And do you have favourite places when you come to visit us in Belgrade? “I really love to come toBelgrade and I spend time there several times during theyear.Therearemanyplaces where I go out, but two are really in my heart: ‘Ćevap kod Dekija’, where I enjoy meat delicacies, and ‘Gušti mora’, where I go when I desire seafood.These are places where I feel at home.” Volite li avione koliko brodove i čamce? – Volim da letim i u avionima sam već 25 godina. Teško je upoređivati nebeska i morska prostranstva, iako je ono što ih povezuje osećanje slobode u meni dok sam u njima. Sa Er Srbijom imam samo najbolja iskustva. Ljubaznost, profesionalnost i osmeh su ono što uvek osetim i dobijem kada sam u vašim avionima. Vreme na letovima provodim gledajući serije, slušajući muziku, a ponekad samo zurim u plavetnilo i puštam da me misli odnesu. Do you like planes asmuchas you love ships and boats? “I like to fly and have spent 25 years aboard planes. It’s difficult to compare the expanses of the skies and the sea, though what connects them is the feeling of freedom that’s within me while I’m in them. I‘ve had only the best experiences with Air Serbia. Kindliness, professionalism and a smile are things that I always feel and receive when I’m on your planes. I spend my time on flights watching TV series and listening to music, while sometimes I just stare at the blue expanse and let my thoughts carry me away.” Stalno mislim na Olivera i naša druženja uz klavir koja smo imali nakon koncerata i koja bi trajala do ranih jutarnjih sati / I constantly think of Oliver and our time hanging out together beside the piano, which we would do after concerts and which would last until the early hours of the morning