Elevate 336

Music » Muzika | 33 Tekst/Words: Ana Vodinelić Fotografije/Photography: Mario Poje Life is packedwith beautiful things, and I still have the eyes of a child For Petar Grašo, 2022 will be the year when he finally returns to audiences in large halls. His first port of call is Zagreb Arena, followed by Split and Pula, after which he will grace the arena in Belgrade “Jelti reka’ ko” [HasAnyoneToldYou] hasn’tevenfully done the rounds, yet it has already become a mega hit. And that’s just like everything else that PetarGrašo has ever done. He says that there’s no recipe for success, but that the main ingredients are undoubtedly dedication, belief in what you do, sticking to your path, and working with talented and creative people. And that inevitably leads us to the tandem of Huljić and Grašo… The two of you have spent years functioning very successfully. How do you “cook up” all those hits? “There’s no secret, but I would say that there is a certain magic, or chemistry. Tonči and I have known each other for years, we are great friends and we like to consid-