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Berlin » Berlin | 31 doubtedly ranks among the world’s best living actresses, celebrates 50 years on the big screen this February. She made her film debut way back in 1972’s Faustine et le Bel Été, while this year she presents herself to audiences around the world in as many as five films, the first of which – About Joan – will actually have its world premiere at the Berlinale. She has portrayed an impressive range of characters in almost 150 productions for cinema and television, while she’s been closely associated with this festival for many years and has to date starred in seven competition films. “We are proud to welcome Isabelle Huppert to the festival,” said Berlinale directors Mariette Rissenbeek and Carlo Chatrian. “The Honorary Golden Bear may seem like a natural progression in a career like no other, as Isabelle Huppert is one of the few artists recognised with acting awards at major film festivals. But Isabelle Huppert is more than a celebrity actress – she’s an uncompromising entertainer who doesn’t hesitate to take risks and poke fun at mainstream trends.” Isabelle attracted the attention of top filmmakers, such as Jean-Luc Godard and Bertrand Tavernier, early on in her career. And it wasn’t long before her incredible talent was also recognised by other world-famous directors, with renowned French director Claude Chabrol engaging her in as many as seven of his productions, with each character she played being more complex than the next. She made her greatest mark on world audiences, including Serbia’s, with her performance in Michael Haneke’s 2001 film The Piano Teacher, for which she won the Cannes Best Actress Award, but also the “European Oscar”. Glavni događaji i premijere će se održati u Fridrihštat palati The venue for the main events and premieres will be FriedrichstadtPalast Ove godine crveni tepih biće rezervisan isključivo za zvezde i novinare The red carpet will this year be reserved exclusively for stars and journalists Žiriju će predsedavati reditelj M. Najt Šajamalan Presiding over this year’s jury will be filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan Foto: profimedia.rs / KCS Presse / Sergi Reboredo / Alamy Foto: profimedia.rs / KCS Presse / Lothar Steiner / Alamy Foto: profimedia.rs / Landmark Media / Alamy