Elevate 336

Succession » Naslednici| 23 “Hahaha! That’s a pretty good assessment there, I’ve got to say! I don’t know how to elaborate on that one.” How are those scenes to film with J. Smith-Cameron? “I love working with J. She’s one of my favourites ever to work with. We were friends for years before we started doing Succession. And just to have that bond and respect with someone is really helpful. She’s incredibly talented and always just fantastic. So, knowing I have a scenepartner that I can trust, that’s a friend and likes to play like me, is just fantastic.” What’s it like being on the end of Brian-as-Logan’s volcanic rage? “God, he’s fantastic! And when there are theseoutbursts that Logan has, I don’t have tomake any effort to come up with some kind of reaction or wonder what Roman thinks of it. It’s just dad shouting! He can bequite an intimidatingpresence…” Roman has a thing where he enters a room and never just sits down. He’s hanging off the bannister, or looking out the window, or perched on the arm of the chair. What is it about the character that he has prowling physicality? “I don’t know, I try not to analyse it. I could probably give some clever answer here, but I don’t know what the hell that is. Maybe when the show is over, I can start figuring it out and talking about why he has that energy.” Is that you, or is that in the script? “The physicality is us, I think. It’s not usually written, or there’s not too much direction. There’s a lot of freedom when it comes to the blocking of scenes. I don’t really prepare where I’m gonna sit or stand, or any of that stuff, because I don’t know what the room will look like yet, or what the other actors are doing. We have very limited time to rehearse, because there’s so much to cram into a day. We walk in, you kind of just rehearse it once and then it’s ‘OK, get the cameras up’, then we shoot it. It just happens so fast. So, you’re stuck with going with your first instincts a lot of the time.” – Ne znam, trudim se da to ne analiziram. Verovatno bih mogao da damneki pametan odgovor, ali ne znamšta je to, dođavola!Možda ću tek kad se serija završi početi da shvatamzašto ima takvu energiju. Da li ste to vi ili je napisano u scenariju? – Obično to nije napisano ili nema previše uputstava. Postoji mnogo slobode kada je reč o scenama. Zaista se ne pripremam gde cu sedeti ili stajati, ili bilo šta od toga, jer ne znam kako soba izgleda, niti šta drugi glumci rade. Smešno je jer imamo veoma ograničeno vreme za probe, ima toliko toga da se ugura u jedan dan. Mi uđemo posle samo kratke probe i već čujemo – OK, podignite kamere, a onda snimamo. Sve se dešava tako brzo. Dakle, često ste prepušteni svom instinktu. Foto: Profimedia.rs / Supplied by LMK / IPA