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Succession » Naslednici | 21 Publika je Kiranov pun glumački potencijal otkrila u nagrađivanoj satiričnoj drami Naslednici koja je u januaru dobila Zlatni globus u kategoriji za najbolju TV dramu Audiences discovered the full range of Kieran’s acting potential in the award-winning satirical drama Succession, which won the Golden Globe in the category of Best TV Drama in January Macaulay Culkin marked the childhoods of many, and he still does, given that we watch his films every holiday season, so there’snodoubt that he’s the first association to cross our minds whenmention ismade of this family. However, those of us who follow tv series a bit more closely are probably aware that Macaulay's younger brother, Kieran, is one of the leading lights of current mega popular series Succession, and that he’s threatening to become amuch bigger star than his older brother, who gained fame with the film series Home Alone. Audiences discovered the full range of Kieran's acting potential in this award-winning satirical drama in which he portrays Roman Roy, one of the sons vying with his siblings over their inheritance in their father's company. He very quickly became one of the top stars of this series, whichwon theGoldenGlobe in the category of Best TVDrama in January. In this interview for Elevate, Kieran talks about his character in Succession, but also his own impressions of this popular show… Foto: Profimedia.rs / Landmark Media / Alamy Kako biste opisali Romanovo stanje duha? – To je stalna borba, pretpostavljam. Dešava se nešto na raznim stranama u seriji, ali bar je od početka prilično jasno na kojoj je strani Roman. Prija mu konkurencija i dobar je u tome, to je njegova udobna zona. When Logan yells, I don’t need to act Brian Cox is fantastic! When he has his outbursts, I don’t have to make any effort to grasp what Roman thinks about that. It’s frightening in and of itself! K i e r an Cu l k i n as Roman Roy How would you describe Roman’s state of mind? “Combat, I guess.There’s a picking-sides thing going on, but at least fromthe start it’s pretty clear which side Roman is on. It’s competition and Roman is good at that – that’s his comfort zone.” Roman has had a profusion of particularly choice lines in the show, brilliant examples of the wonderful language. However, the actors are also given the chance to improvise. How rewarding, but also challenging, is it to have the freedom to improvise? “I know that the written word is great, and it works, and we do it, but then being allowed to play and explore is great. It helps me to understand what the characters are doing, how they’re interacting, in between scenes.” By this stage of the show, do you have some of “Jesse Armstrong brain”, i.e., that ability to come up with your own lines that you know are in the wheelhouse of what the writers like? “Yeah, I suppose.Three seasons in, I have a pretty good sense of how Roman speaks. And I feel like all the writers have that sense as well. It’s hard for me to be particular about which writer, because I don’t know whichwriter writes what thing, but it’s great when I get a script and I’m like: ‘God, this is really nice, they get it!The way Roman speaks is great!’” The Hollywood Reporter describes Gerri as “a strange hybrid of mother figure and psychosexual foil to the deeply damaged Roman” – fair comment? Tekst/Words: CraigMcLean Fotografije/Photography: Profimedia.rs