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Air Serbia » Er Srbija | 17 UMETNOST U KNJIGAMA Kad su u pitanju knjige posvećene likovnoj umetnosti, mesto koje morate da posetite je jedinstvena knjižara Buchhandlung Walther König. Prostire se na tri sprata, što pruža mogućnost da tamo satima boravite i razgledate na hiljade knjiga koje za temu imaju arhitekturu, film, dizajn, modu i ostale umetničke oblasti. Izlog knjižare konstantno se preuređuje, čemu doprinose umetnici koji mu svojim idejama iznova daju novi sjaj. ART IN BOOKS When it comes to books dedicated to fine arts, in Cologne you simply must visit the unique Buchhandlung Walther König bookshop. It sprawls over an area of three floors, which provides an opportunity to spend hours checking out thousands of books that cover topics like architecture, film, design, fashion and other artistic fields. The bookshop’s window display is also rearranged constantly, with the contribution of artists who use their ideas to provide it with a new shine again and again. ce. The motto and typical greeting of the Cologne Carnival is “Kölle Alaaf!”, meaning “Cologne above all”, which dates back to 1550, when it was first pronounced as a toast. During the “Crazy Days”, happy Germans stroll the streets of Cologne wearing the craziest costumes. So, costumes are a must if you want to join the party, but the good news is that anything and everything can pass as appropriate carnival clothing – and the more off-the-wall your carnival costume, the better! Music is an integral part of the Cologne Carnival, with cheerful German melodies emanating from speakers installed across the city. Kelnski karneval star je gotovo kao i samgrad The Cologne Carnival is almost as old as the city itself Foto: Depositphotos / Paola Leone Foto: Profimedia / Rolf Veninenbernd