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Winter » Zima | 105 sports. Landscaped ski runs, modern cable car lifts and various accommodation options (hotels, motels, chalets) are just a few of the many aces guaranteeing a good holiday in themountains of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Apart from the Olympic mountains, Bosnia also has a wealth of many other contents, such as the ski resort of Kupres and attractive facilities at the Igrišta ski resort in Vlasenica. All of the country’s winter tourism centres are located close to urban settlements and have road connections to Sarajevo. Apart fromenjoying ski centres, you can also enjoy the stunning natural beauty of Kozara, Čardak, Granovica and other mighty mountain peaks. Bulgaria Although Bulgaria’s mountains attract visitors throughout the year, the winter season is nonetheless the periodwhen tourismflourishes on these peaks. Stara Planina [the Balkan Mountain] is situated on the border between Bulgaria and Serbia and reaches its highest point at Botev Peak, 2,376 metres above sea level. When it comes to winter tourism, the country’s most popular ski resort is Uzana, followed by the town and ski resort of Berkovitsa. Bulgaria’s oldest andmost famous ski centre, Borovets, is located on the northern slopes of RilaMountain, belowMusala Peak. Borovets is characterised by a typical alpine climate. One of Rila’s most renowned tourist attractions is the SevenGlacial Lakes tour, which encompasses trips to seven lakes: the Tear, the Eye, the Kidney, the Twin, the Trefoil, Fish Lake and the Lower Lake. These lakes are located at an elevation ranging between 2,100 and 2,500 metres above sea level. Austria Austria is a ski destination of worldwide repute, and all ski resorts in the country are located in one of three regions: Tyrol, Carinthia and Salzburg. This is the ideal destination if you are seeking simpler, wide ski runs for slower descents or steep runs that enable you to speed down the slope. Whether you’re a lover of skiing or simply want to experience the winter idyll of a family holiday, Austria’s peaks are the right choice for you. Visit Bad Gastein, Mallnitz and many other tourist destinations that are sure to convert you into a lover of winter holidays. Slovenia Just like Austria, Slovenia is also a genuine ski destination, and a country where skiing is considered a national sport. Slovenians invest a lot in tourism, and winter resorts are their top trump card - they have almost 50 of them, with a total of 270 kilometres of landscaped ski runs and more than 190 ski lifts and other devices for transporting skiers. Apart from providing excellent conditions for all types of winter sports, Slovenia’s ski resorts are also known for the natural beauty of the Julian Alps, for their many additional contents and for their top accommodation options that guarantee your complete enjoyment. Visit Triglav, Prisank, VelikaMojstrovka, Snežnik and themany othermountain peaks in this fairy-tale land. Foto: Profimedia / Elvis Barukcic