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Winter » Zima | 103 seeking a challenge, because it offers great ski runswith obligatorymulledwine.Thismountain has everything you need for a comfortable stay, while it’s just pristine enough to ensure you’ll find peace and tranquillity. On Stara Planina, aka the Balkan Mountain, the largest massif in Eastern Serbia, you’ll get the adrenaline flowing and enjoy your skiing, because you’ll be awaitedby kilometres ofwonderfully arranged ski runs of varying categories of difficulty. Tara has fairy-tale nature, welcoming hosts, hiking trails and ski runs for you and your little ones. Meanwhile, on Kopaonik you can make descents on ski runs of the top category and try your hand at Nordic skiing, but also snowmobiles, while beginners will find the best ski instructors here. Wherever you opt to go in Serbia, you’re sure to have a great time, in beautiful nature, with the kindliest hostswho’ll make you feel at home... Montenegro Montenegro is special formany reasons, and apart from its location in the south of the Adriatic coast, it is also interesting that there are few other places where you’ll find such a great wealth of nature in such a small area. This land is a fusion of incredible opposites, which permeate everything and create perfect conditions for numerous activities, during both summer and winter. Montenegro’s two largest centres of winter tourism, providing opportunities for both alpine and Nordic skiing, are two mountains: Durmitor and Bjelasica. Durmitor is an ideal spot for skiing.The SavinKuk ski resort has a ski run that’s 3,500metres long, with an altitude differential of 700 metres. The ski centre boasts all the contents required to ensure your full enjoyment, from a ski school, ski equipment hiring and servicing, to night skiing. It is an ideal destination for a family holiday with children, as you can enjoy numerous hiking tours and lake visits, as well as many traditional ethno-households offering an ecological experience of mountain life, complete with riding schools and local cuisine. Bjelasica Mountain is characterised by three specificities: it is very traversable and the highest mountain peaks are easily accessible; it has a great wealth of forests; and it is abundant in flowing waters. Bjelasica’s highest peak is Crna glava [Black head], at a height of 2,139 metres. This is an ideal destination for winter breaks and skiing. Bosnia and Herzegovina It was way back in 1984 that Sarajevo hosted the Winter Olympics, while today Bosnia’s mountains attract many tourists with their beauty and offer plenty of opportunities for enjoying winter sports, but also clean air and a proper winter, complete with the holiday spirit. Jahorina, Bjelašnica, Igman and Vlašić have all been adapted and equipped to cater for top winter Foto: Profimedia / Borislav Peletkov Foto: Profimedia / Matjaz Corel