Grey and yellow » Siva i žuta | 73 Foto: iStock/ Katarzyna Bialasiewicz Foto: iStock/ Onurdongel Foto: iStock/ Nina Belova Tekst/Words: Sofija Kuzmanović Fotografije/Photography: iStock PANTONE COLOURS OF T HE Y EAR Yellowof hope and grey of stability The Pantone colour of the year is designed to emphasise the connection between trends and what is happening in the world. This year's choice of medium grey and illuminating yellow represent a prognosis of that which we all need - hope and stability THE PANTONE COLOR INSTITUTEDESIGNSAWIDEPALETTE of current colours each year, selecting one as the lead. For 2021, instead of one main colour, a combination of two has been proposed, which hasn’t previously been the practise. “Ultimate gray” and “Illuminating”, i.e. mediumgrey and bright yellow, were only chosen because of their reliability andwarmth. Yellow is bright, cheerful and associatedwith the radiance of life and the warmth of the sun, whilemediumgrey is like the colour of apebble, representing a symbol of solid and reliable elements that are eternal. The strength that lies in togetherness and hope that is stronger when you’re not alone serves as a reminder that uniting different elements - colours or people –provides the basis for stability. And that’s precisely what we all need right now. “Practical and rock solid, but at thesame timewarmingandoptimistic, this is a colour combination that givesus resilienceandhope.Weneed tofeelencouragedanduplifted.That’s whychoosingagroundinggrayshade that ispairedwithabrighthappyyellow conveys a message of strength and hopefulness,” said Pantone Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman. At first glance it may appear as thoughthese twocolourswon’tbeas easy toapply tohomedécor. Balance is the key word. One colour should dominate – imagine a yellow front door on a grey house, a bowl full of freshcitrus fruits ona grey tile in the kitchen, yellow cushions on a grey sofa or a yellow couch bordered by grey wardrobes. It is predicted that this colour combinationwill have themost success in fashion. New collections for spring present new optimism and the need for us to rejoice and hope throughourwardrobe. But youdon’t have to wait for spring. Jump into a grey suit and yellow boots, a yellow feathered jacket with a grey knit dress,or justdonagreyhatandthrow a yellow scarf over last year’s winter coat…Walk with solid steps and look forward to the coming of better weather in the yellowof the sun.