TikTok » TikTok | 69 I NT E RNE T PHENOMENA How fashion influencers transferred to TikTok This social network is slowly but surely moving beyond being just for kids who want to dance WHETHER YOU HAVE A TIKTOK ACCOUNT OR NOT, the short video form that’s been popularised by this social network has become unavoidable in recent times. Even though the first association with it is the army of teens who practise the choreography of their favourite trap performers, the influence it has on global fashion is everything but negligible. Trendsetters like model Bella Hadid post on TikTok regularly, while prestigious brands that include historically important fashion houses Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton regularly stream their fashion shows on this network. Undiscovered designers, models and other fashion talents are increasingly getting the opportunity to present themselves and be discovered. TikTokers now have an equal status with other fashion insiders when it comes to attending fashion shows, while they also participate in campaigns and everyone pays attention to what they’re wearing. Modelling agencies scout for new faces on TikTok – agents tasked with discovering modelling stars explain that this is because, apart from the absence of filters, the short video form allows one to immediately form an impression of a person’s personality much easier than on the basis of ordinary photography, and to familiarise oneself with their interests and values. Take for example the young guy called Wisdom Kaye, who has been dubbed the best-dressed guy on TikTok. He has almost five million fans, TikTok brought him an engagement with wellknown modelling agency IMG Models, while Balmain and Dior are racing to see who will get to work with him first. Designers in focus also have an opportunity to share their creative process via TikTok, thus talented Frenchman Simon Porte Jacquemus is killing it with his poetic recordings of Provence and his Parisian studio. Sometimes the opposite also happens – with TikTok inspiring an upcoming trend. This is precisely what happened with the surprising return of the styles of the early 2000s, which marked a revival that wasn’t expected by anyone in the fashion industry. Specifically, the primary demographics of this platform are obsessed with the style of pop stars from the beginning of the millennium – while the fact that some music hits from that time have received their own TikTok covers ensures that the hashtag #Y2KFashion is also naturally trending. @paloma.elsesser @leoniehanne @tamumcpherson @young_emperors Da li će TikTok uspeti da preotme modni tron od Instagrama, mreže poznate po svojoj lajfstajl prirodi i opcijama šoping linkova? Ostaje da vidimo Will TikTok succeed in supplanting Instagram on the throne of fashion, with this rival network known for its lifestyle nature and shopping link options? That still remains to be seen @wisdm8