Trends » Trendovi | 63 It is now effective, bulky and comfortable. It can be worn with whatever you want, and instead of being restrictive ithasnowbecomea cool itemthat shapes a combination like a cherry on a cake. Casual is the key word, and wearing a suit jacket with relaxed trousers like tracksuit bottoms, leggings or casual dresses is becoming the standard, just like wearing a suit with trainers and a rucksack. And while Europe‘s luxurious formal wardrobe has been pushed onto the back burner during the pandemic, an expansion of formal pieces is expected to arrive this spring, even if they are only worn for everyday occasions. Something similar is also expected when it comes to luxurious, strictly tailored suits. Quite simply, a need for things that we were denied will culminate in exaggeration. One thing is for sure - after our covid captivity, the jacket has survived and found its own way. We can freely conclude that it won the fashion battle against tracksuits and earned the right for us to wear it, and to always do so in the way that suits us. Đorđo Armani, naravno, smatra da odelo nikad neće nestati sa modne scene i da može da bude savršena odeća i za brze generacije. Stvar je samo u načinu na koji ga nosite Giorgio Armani naturally believes that the suit will never disappear from the fashion scene, and that it can also represent the perfect outfit for the faster generations. It’s only a matter of how they are worn Sada je efektan, glomazan, udoban It is now effective, bulky and comfortable