Aerodrom » Aerodrom | 49 with an attitude. That‘s why artists whose works carry a recognisable signature still attract large audiences, especially on foreign stages. Let’s enjoy those greats while we‘re still able. While we‘re on the topic of greats, will you be drinking tea with Paul McCartney this year? You two had an interesting episode, and the Beatles were the reason that you got into the music world… “I would lovemore than anything to drink tea with Sir Paul, but I think the chances of that are very slim, unfortunately! And it occurred that, according to software analysis, one of my songs from1997 and his from 2018 are similar by as much as 97 per cent. I took that as major recognition, given that the Beatles were the 20th century‘s greatest artists of pop culture andMcCartney is certainly the greatest living musician. The 4 Aces was also a genuine “supergroup”, with yourself, Vlado Kalember, Alen Islamović and Rajko Dujmić… “4Aceswas a groupof friends.We all kneweachother previously, went together tomusic schools, all forged some sort of career and then the time came for us to play together. That happened at the initiative of Vlado Kalember. There was a ruckus wherever we appeared, because, quite simply, everyone knew all the songs.” Have you ever regretted leaving Parni Valjak? “That had nothing to do with ego or interpersonal relationships. However, during that period I wanted to work on some other sound, and that was the only reason for my departure.” And then you spent three years with Azra. You are perhaps the only musician that Štulić considers a friend. What‘s the secret? “Life in Azra was full of work, i.e. gigs and recordings and, on theother hand, nothinghumanwas strange to us! There is no secret there, I simply think we have a very similar taste inmusic, a lot of similarities in thinking; we are on the samewavelength, both of us are quite emotional and the important thing is that trust existed between us. We never communicated in kid-gloves, rather wewould say aloud that which no one elsewould dare say face to face. Likewise, the humour we shared wasn‘t washed down at all; we didn‘t spare each other. He always knew what I was thinking and there was no flattery, and vice versa. Not many people are prepared for that kind of communication. Last year was difficult for everyone, musicians in particular. How will you remember 2020? “In times like these, a man can only hope and not giveup, because therehasneverbeenmore fertileground for depression. Considering that the roads outside of us are blocked, we should take those that lead us towards ourselves and our interior... I played the guitar a lot, practised the piano a little, read, and I also wrote a song as a dark souvenir of last year. It‘s called 2020. I‘ll try to record it soon.” Naš najnoviji album Dnevni rituali svuda je odlično primljen, amislim da je to zato što smo ga objavili bez ikakvih pritisaka, isključivo za svoj gušt/ Our latest album, Daily Rituals, has been received wonderfully everywhere, and I think that's because we released it without any kind of pressure, exclusively for our own satisfaction