It has beenmore than 40 years since the bandwas founded, but their songs still play on all radio stations, and Jurica Pađen & Aerodrom enjoy the status of rock greats throughout the entire territory of the former Yugoslavia. The Greatest Hits compilation has been released, including hits that generations grew up with, but Jurica still creates tirelessly and is just as in love withmusic as he was all those decades ago.There is an urban legend that everyone knows who Pađen is but they often don‘t know that the songs they so enjoy listening to are performed by Aerodrom, so we start this interview by asking him if that was the reason for releasing this compilation of hits... KULTURA / CULTURE 48 | Aerodrom » Aerodrom Today'smusic lacks character; truth and attitude need restoring The frontman of rock band Aerodrom, who also played with Štulić in Azra, founded the band Parni Valjak with “Hus” and was one of the 4 Aces, recently released a double vinyl Greatest Hits album, because he says that his songs are listened to more today than when they were created “We released the double vinyl albumGreatest hits, which is also on CD, with the greatest hits of the band Aerodrom, which includes Fratello,OrdinaryLove Song, Put The Right Thing etc. You are right when you say that many people know me but don‘t know that these are my compositions. It‘s simply that I was never dedicated to marketing; I was more interested in working on music, so this double album is a good opportunity for people to connect the songs to the performers.” What does it feel like to celebrate 40 years working in the world of rock, which unfortunately seems to be increasingly dying out in our country, while rock legends elsewhere in the world are still in full swing? “I must admit that I‘m not really conscious that so many years have passed, becausewhen youdowhat you love it also entertains you, and time flies when you‘re having fun. It is a fact that nowadays rock doesn‘t have the influence inour countries that it hadduring its golden age, because the market and trends are dominated by corporations that producemusic on a conveyor belt. However, this ismostlymusic that lacks character,modelled by trends andwith uniformed production, while a large number of people want to hear honest messages, ROCK I NT E RV I EW: J UR I CA PAĐEN , MUS I C I AN Nedavno je izašao dvostruki vinilni album Greatest hits, sa najvećim hitovima grupe Aerodrom The double vinyl albumGreatest hits,with the greatest hits of the band Aerodrom, was recently released