| 89 These helpful rst tips for skiing will ensure you can descend snowy slopes very quickly. So, novice skiers andsnowboarders, keep inmind to... WEAR APPROPRIATE GEAR Alwayswear anappropriatehelmetwith side openings that allowyou to hear, wrist and elbow protectors, knee pads, andwhen renting or buying snowboards and skis always choose equipment that matches your level and skills. START ON THE “BABY” SLOPES Ski on the runs that suit your possibilities. Novices should hire an instructor and take lessons on slopes that are easy to handle, which don’t have steep slopes, so they canpractise turning and stopping. UP YOUR VITAMIN B INTAKE Skiing or snowboarding leads to the buildup of lactic acid, which causes sti ness andmuscle soreness. Thiamine (Vitamin B1) is an essential enzyme that breaks down lactic acid. Thus, increasing your intake of B1, as part of the B complex ,two to three weeks before skiing will help to more quickly eliminate the consequences of physical activity. RESPECT THE CODE OF CONDUCT Be sure to familiarise yourself with the general rules on the slopes. Always maintain control andbe in a position to stopor avoidother people or obstacles. Those in front of you have the right of way, so it is your responsibility to avoid them. If you are tired or cold, take a break. It is important to be present at every instant. IMPROVE YOUR FITNESS Running, hiking and climbing will strengthen themuscles youneed and improve your sense of balance. Squats, ab crunches, press-ups and other tness exercises will strengthen your legs and stomach, ensuring skiing or snowboarding will be easier and more enjoyable. DON’T MAKE A MOVE WITHOUT SUNBLOCK You know thosewhite tracks fromsunglasses? No, that’s not a good look. Sunblock is one of the most important tips for skiing! Remember to apply it before going out on the piste in order to protect your skin, and be sure to wear ski goggles to keep your eyes healthy and safe. BE CONFIDENT, STAY RELAXED This is easier said than done, but is actually very important. A good attitude and being relaxed are crucial. Apositive, relaxed approachwill certainly help you, because tension is the enemy of easy, natural movement. And enjoy yourself! iStock / Marcin Wiklik