1. FERSTEL PASSAGE This charming passageway is located in an elegant commercial arcade that was built in the 19th century as part of Ferstel Palace. It is surrounded by quaint cafés, providing yet another reason to take a break for pictures. 2. HUNDERTWASSERHAUS Theresidential buildingthatwasdesigned by Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser is a popular Instagram spot. Hundertwasser House’s decorative exterior façade is ideal for photographing. 3. MARIA AM GESTADE One of the oldest churches in the city, along with St. Peter’s and St. Rupert’s, it is among the few surviving examples of Gothic Viennese architecture. Climb the “photogenic” steps for the best Insta shot. 4. CAFÉ CENTRAL With a tumultuous history and lovers of this café who included the likes of Freud and Trotsky, among others, Central has been the beating heart of Vienna since 1847. You might come across queues in front of the entrance, but it’s worth the wait. Enjoy classic Viennese dishes, traditional coffee specialities and sweet delicacies from their patisserie. Of course, everything is ideal for taking pictures. 5. PALACE OF JUSTICE (JUSTIZPALAST) The Palace of Justice, Justizpalast, is among the must-see locations in Vienna, with it Renaissance Revival architecture and impressive steps. Take the lift to the top floor and the café from which you can also enjoy wonderful views of the city and find the ideal position for your Instagram image. On Instagram Vienna likes having its picture taken The Austrian capital has cobblestoned streets, baroque buildings and imperial palaces, it is a city ruled by Sachertorte, Mozart balls and culture. From legendary bars to the secret tunnels of Schönbrunn Palace, here are the seven best Instagram locations in Vienna 3. 4. 5. iStock / AND-ONE profimedia.rs profimedia.rs | 83