For chocolate lovers, there’s no greater happiness than entering top boutiques packed with chocolatey delights. And there are few cities in the world where you can have such a chocolate experience as you can in Brussels. So, set aside a little time for this choco-tour, through which we take you to the best chocolatiers ELISABETH This boutique is named after its owner, who travels around the country in search of the best chocolates and sweets. Here you will find everything fromhandmademallow cakes and real Cuberdon cones, to Frederic Blondeel’s divine chocolate truffles. Here you’ll be as happy as a little kid. PASSION CHOCOLAT This is one of the most beautiful chocolate boutiques, not only in Brussels, but anywhere in the world. They serve a fantastic selection of pralines, ganaches and truffles. The only tricky part could be that you won’t know what to choose! Fortunately, the friendly staff are available to help CORNÉ PORT-ROYAL BRUSSELS Housed in the spectacular Galerie de la Reine since it opened in 2005, the Art Nouveau style was chosen inmemory of architect Victor Horta, who had such a tremendous influence on the city’s design. This shop’s delicious chocolates are loved by both tourists and locals alike, due to them being of really exceptional quality. CHOCOLATERIE MARY Marie has been making chocolates since the 1920s, when this chocolatarie provided sweets to the Belgian monarchy. Every praline represents a superior harmony of taste, aroma, texture and appearance. But what really sets them apart are the beautiful packages, which is why this is the right place to buy presents for your nearest and dearest. LAURENT GERBAUD Some of the most spectacular and beautiful handmade chocolates that you’ll try anywhere in the world can be found right here. Incredible attention, down to the most minute detail, has been paid to both the sweets and the interior. Interestingly, you can also visit the chocolate workshop every Saturday, just be ready to fall in love at the first bite. Slatki čoko-turizam, zbog kog hiljade ljudi hrle u Belgiju Sweet, choco-tourism for which thousands of people flock to Belgium Choco-tour, the sweetest in the world The chocolate boutiques of Brussels are among the best in the world, so it's no wonder that sweet, choco-tourism gradually developed, for which thousands of people flock to Belgium me scan Love at first bite iStock / stevenallan iStock / sjo | 79