| 73 PROFOUND CITY BEATS AT THE HYATT BELGRADE Opened as part of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade, Ellington’s Club is once again, after a break of 15 years, o eringauniqueopportunity toenjoyquality live jazz, blues, funk, soul, rock and pop music. Mondays, Tuesdays andWednesdays are reserved for jazz classics performed by Tanja Jovićević and her band. The iconic singer of former Belgrade band ‘October 1864’ and undoubtedly one of the best female vocalists in the area, Tanja is well known to the local public. Re ned music lovers now have the chance to enjoy her unique vocals and outstanding performances at Ellington’s Club. Thursdays, FridaysandSaturdaysseeEllington’sClubhostawide rangeof performers – soloartists, bands andDJs, inspiring theaudience toget to their feetwithwell-knownandcarefully selectedhits. Apart from amazing music, an extensive programme and an ambience rivalling the world’s top clubs, Ellington’s o ers guests a selection of exclusive drinks, as well as a choice of premium food. The menu is based on ’small bites’, with a variety of local, oriental, Asian and vegetarian specialities, as well as a selection of the best meats in town, prepared by a large team of eminent chefs led by the head chef of the Hyatt Regency Belgrade Hotel – the legendary Vitomir Đoković, who has rejoined this highly skilled team after 11 years amassing experience at Hyatt hotels worldwide. With great music and excellent food and drink, Ellington’s o ers visitors unique and complete pleasure. Stylish entertainment with a metropolitan rhythm – seasoned with re ned culinary elements and mashed with the renowned shine of old, representing a rare place of enjoyment in the Serbian capital for all lovers of live club music. Soonafter itsopening, Ellington’sClubfound itself listedamong the ‘must-see’ venues on Belgrade’s famous nightlife scene, thanks to its great entertainment and amazing atmosphere, and this fact alone is reasonenough to recommendEllington’s to real hedonists. Ellington’sClub isopen for all loversof quality jazz andpopmusic every day except Sunday, from 9pm to 3am! PROMO ously, only to change his mind following Peter Jackson’s decision to shoot a new version. “The director told me that lm will actually tell the story of friends working together,” says McCartney. And thus fans are growingunderstandably excited about the news that a new version of the lm is being prepared from the 55 hours of original footage and 140 hours of audio recordings, including the 42-minute lmof the band playing on the roof of Apple. “It’s like a time machine that transports us back to 1969. We sit in the studio and watch these four friends making great music together,” said the director. The footage of the fab four making an album was originally shot for a television documentary, but the project evolved into a feature-length lmthatwasbrie y shown incinemasbeforedisappearing and becoming a rare collectable onVHS. “After reviewing all the footage that Michael Lindsay-Hogg shot 18months before they split up, it’s simply an incredible historical treasure trove,”noted Oscar-winner Jackson, announcing that the lm will be humorous, exciting and surprisingly intimate. Itwill bea lmthat’s already being looked forwardtobyeveryonewho’s ever lovedTheBeatles, and for many reasons. First and foremost, that project hadbeen lost andwasneveravailableon anytechnologycreatedafterVHS.Youwon’t nditon DVD or Net ix, as though the surviving bandmembers let it fade into oblivion. And that’s no great surprise, given that it’s a testimony to their worst days, containing arguments between Harrison and McCartney, who calledtheshootinghellish andthemostmiserableon Earth! Of course, none of that found itsway into the original version, so it will be exciting to see their real relationships.UnlessMcCartney persuades Jackson not to show it after all, and to concentrateon conductinga forensic studyof themusic-makingprocess. And both would be fascinating, right? Apart fromthat, we still haven’t yet seenhalf the rooftop concert! The Beatles’ last gig is one of the most legendary live performances ever, but the original lm contained only 21 of the 42 minutes. Jackson’s lmwouldhave to capture every secondof the recording, fromthemoment they steppedonto the rooftop to the moment the police forced them o ! Legendary. And as if all of that wasn’t enough for us to barely be able to wait for the new Let It Be, there is also a possibility that in the lm we’ll hear Lennon singing I Lost My Little Girl, the rst song McCartney ever wrote, when he was just 14! Another recording that was previously lost. Is there any better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary? Let it be! It’s like a time machine that transports us back to 1969. We sit in the studio and watch these four friends making great music “ To je kao vremeplov u 1969. godinu. Sedimo u studiju i gledamo kako četvorica prijatelja prave odličnumuziku PITER DŽEKSON / PETER JACKSON