64 | Thecurrentnessof theprogramme has determined thehighposition of the Belgrade Dance Festival on theinternationalmap,whilestandardsandthecourageousintroductionofnew choreographicmanuscripts andaesthetics haveraisedexpectationsamongaudiences anddictated the challenges for 17 years already.This year’s Festivalwill beheldunder the slogan“Pure Sensation”, sowe asked its director and founder, Aja Jung,what sensation means for her? “Every choreographic piece that we’ll show is sensational, just like the list of companiesandartists.Wewill introduceaseries of surprises intotheperformances, fromlive orchestralmusic to inimitablestage innovations.Theprincipal dancersof theNewYork CityBalletwill performinSerbia for the rst time, while Belgradewill be among the cities where Ballet JazzMontreal will perform to the music of Leonard Cohen, we’ll see “Furia “by Lia Rodrigues from Brazil, about whom the European press is buzzing; the piece“Augusto”,whichresulted inAlessandro Sciarroniwinningthisyear’sGoldenLioninVenice, aswell as famous Indiandancer Shantala Shivalingappawith her dance of drawing in ash... For the rst time we’ll alsohaveaworkcreatedspeci cally for the Belgradeaudience,whichwill beprepared by Jacopo Godani and will be performed by his dance company from Frankfurt at the opening of the festival, on 21st March at the Sava Centre. However, sensation is in dance itself...” What titles shouldn’t bemissed? “Aspecial piecebyLisbethGruwezon freedomof speech, the inimitable“Fugue“ of Israeli artist Inbal Pinto, and themagical autobiographical solo of Olivier Dubios. I believe the audience will be entertained by Argentinian troupe Un Poyo Rojo, the piece entitled “Graces” by Sylvia Gribaudi, or the aesthetics of black & white lms of theatre by Jakop Ahlbom. Another important name at the upcoming festival is Jason Samuels Smith, a Broadway master of tapandadancerwhose feet are insured for millions of dollars…” Howwouldyouassess thegrowthof thefestival,alsointermsof itsartistic range, since its emergence? “It was last year that London’s The GuardianannouncedthatBelgradehasone of the best dance festivals in the world. In her review, Judith Mackrell wrote that the BDF “is not just about the duration of the programme, the number of troupes and new choreographic pieces, but about the referentialityof thecontent, agoodbalance between di erent dance forms, di erent themes and voices, as well as the relationshipbetweenestablishedandyounger authors“ ... Of course , it isn’t easy tomaintain the quality of the programme and surprise bothlocalandinternationalaudiencesevery time. It’s not simple to work and endure in Serbia, but when we see that the productions we’ve presented in Belgrade are only performedmonths or years later in Paris, Moscow, London or NewYork, thenwe are certain that we’ve chosen well.” Thankstoyourevent,Belgradehasbecomeaprestigiousportofcallinthebiographiesofartistswhocreatetrends andinscribethehistoryofdance.How does the cultural o er of the capital seem to you today? “Belgradehasvaluableexamples inculture,but itdoesn’thave itsownconceptand internal organisation, nor the ability to impose its contents in the region and around Europe. I admiretheBelgradePhilharmonic Orchestra, which has its own faithful audience, andI’mproudof thewide-opendoors of theMuseumofContemporaryArtandthe National Museum in Belgrade.” Pod sloganom „Čista senzacija“ 17. Beogradski festival igre održaće se od 21. marta do 12. aprila DANIEL ULBRICHT, NEW YORK CITY BALLET JASON SAMUELS SMITH INBAL PINTO Under the slogan “Pure Sensation”, the 17th Belgrade Dance Festival will be held from23rd March to 12th April