| 59 Classic blue, or the colour of the sky at dusk, has been announced as the trending colour of 2020. And that’s no accident. It encourages peacefulness, con dence and connection – just what we need at the beginning of this new decade. And as home is a place where we can take shelter, recharge our batteries and consolidate, and where we most need to feel peace and quiet, the Pantone Institute recommends that we paint our homes in this soothing colour. And just as the colour of the sky at dusk isn’t the same in every corner of the globe, this shade of blue isn’t strictly determined either. It is important that it is classic blue and not dark blue, and that you incorporate it into your home in a way and to the extent that suits you. For more than 20 years, the colour declared as the colour of the year by the Pantone Institute has in uenced fashion, interior design and marketing. Of course, there is always an entire palette of current colours, but only one is selected as the dominant one, or the colour of the year. Throughout the whole year, Pantone’s experts analyse all forms of art, current popular tourist destinations, lms, the entertainment industry, new lifestyles and socio-economic conditions. And in the end they announce the colour that will mark the year ahead. This time it is classic blue that should restore peace and con dence in these turbulent and uncertain times. So, change your pillowcases, pick up a new blanket, spread a blue carpet over your oor. And enjoy the tranquillity of your home. You can also introduce a vase, change the shower curtain in the bathroom or decorate your table with a large blue bowl. Small details also count, like a case for your mobile, notebooks and various gadgets. If it’s time for more serious renovation, then serious space to play is created. Paint one wall or upholster your furniture in this colour. Try to introduce at least one blue detail that will help you feel calm and relaxed in your home. Plavo i zeleno? Postoje u prirodi, znači, odlično se slažu Blue and green? They exist in nature, meaning they go together wonderfully Tamni zidovi unose dinamiku u prostor. Ipak, ako je taman, neka bude jedan Dark walls bring dynamism to a space. Still, if it’s dark, let it be just one Klasična plava odlično izgleda na svim materijalima, i mat i sjajnim Classic blue colour looks excellent on all materials, in both matte and gloss