38 | : , / ’ : , The fairytale-like Florence is primarily known for the in uential patrons of the Medici family, the famous harmony of Michelangelo’sDavid, residentsof amild temperament and, last but not least, incomparable pasta that ensures even themost discerningculinaryhedonistsaren’t left feeling indi erent. Men’s fashionhasbeensteadilyclimbing the list of recognisable symbols of Florentine luxuryand thedriversof this fashion renaissance of a city that has an otherwise di erent tradition from, say, the fashion mighty Milan, are the organisers of a unique men’s fashion show called Pitti Imagine Uomo. It is held every January and Junewithin thewalls of the famous Fortezza da Basso fort. Over the course of a few days, Florence is the epicentre of the most prestigious brands and the highest authorities in fashion,andimposingthemselvesasthe rst association with Pitti Uomo are photos of impeccably dressed attendees, whose imaginativecombinations circle theglobevia scenes posted on social media. Withtheglobalpopularisationof“street style”photography,PittiUomohasoccupied animportantplace inthecalendarof trendy happenings, which iswhy it teemswith in- uencerswhowait for theirelaborateout ts tobesnappedbyoneof themanyphotoreporterspresent, sotheycanappear inoneof the photo galleries of some in uential lifestyle site, or otherwise achieve the expectedadmirationof their Instagramfollowers. In a stylistic sense, everything is there, as be ts a relevant fashionevent of the21st century.Ontheonehand, thereareconsumers of thenewly createdhyper culturewho courageously wear the most avant-garde creations of fashion houses with attitude, whileontheotherhandtherearethosewho, despiteeverything, refuse toabandonclassic Italianaesthetics,believingthatelegance isneverexaggerated. Andbothgroups represent important and prominent guests. Among the many cameras in attendance at this festival of personal style, one that stands out is that of Italian photographer Enrico Labriola, who bravely decided to shift his focus from the clothes people wear theretotheircharacter, creatingcasual portraits on the move. Otherwise known for his many exquisitely elegant covers of Vanity Fair, but also as a rare man whose lens can relaxevenDonatellaVersace, each time he gives himself the very di cult task of capturing all that beauty of diversity for thePitti UomoMediaGallery, unitedunder the name“Pitti People”. Goingbeyond the scopeof traditional fashion reportage works, his portraits are intimate, with an almost chamber-like atmosphere. This is how the recently concluded edition of the world’s most unusual men’s fashion event appeared from his perspective. Photographer Enrico Labriola bravely shifted his focus from the clothes people wear there to their character Fotograf Enriko Labriola hrabro je pomerio fokus s odeće koju ljudi tamo nose na njihov karakter