| 109 BelgradeNikolaTeslaAirportful lsallglobalstandards, aiming to - above all - ensure the safety of passengers and planes, and keep all ight operations on schedule during snowy winter days. Constant trainingand implementationof thenewest technologies qualify this airport as being among the best-equippedairports in thispart of Europe, andall passengers can be sure of the fact that, when the temperatures are low and snow fall increases, airport services will quickly and e ciently ensure the safe and secure ow of air-tra c ow. EIGHT MINUTES FOR A CLEAR RUNWAY Andhow longdoes it take? BelgradeAirport’s takeo and landing runway, which is 3,400 metres long and 45 metres wide, can be completely cleared of snow in just 8 to10minutes.This is a result of coordinatede orts, the engagingofmany airport employees, accompanied by the latest equipment and vehicles, who are ready to confront winter snowdrifts and work e ciently at all required airport locations. Duringsnowfall, therunway, taxiwayandapronswith aircraft stands are inspectedmany times aday, while the presence of snow and ice is constantly monitored in order to ensure conditions are favourable for the conducting of air-tra c in a regular and safemanner. In the case theairport’swintermaintenanceservice, incoordination withAir-Tra cControl, issues anorder for theclearingof snow, sevenunitsof so-called“towingvehicles”spring into action. These vehicles havenine-metre-wideploughs that removesnowfromtherunways, taxiwaysandaprons. Theyare followedby snowcutters, whichblowthe snow depositedonthesides toa safedistanceof approximately40metres fromthe runway, and nally special vehicles are used to distribute liquids and products that prevent ice from forming on the surface of the runway. HOW IS A PLANE DE ICED? Apart from the apron, during icy days planes themselvesalsoneedspecial careandattention.BelgradeNikolaTeslaAirport has at its disposal amodernaircraft de-icing/anti-icing platform. In the case that speci cweather conditions cause ice to formonthesurfaces, planesmust besprayedwithadequatechemicalproducts.Theseproducts, or uids, melt ice fromaircraft surfaces and protect aircraft until themoment of take-o .Whenweather conditions cause frost to form on surfaces, the process of de-icing/anti-icing takes veminutes, but when weather conditions cause heavy snowfall that produce a thick layer of residue on aircraft surfaces, this process can last around 25 minutes. Belgrade Airport has six modern aircraft de/anti-icing Volvo and Mercedes vehicles, and a team on duty 24/7. Adedicatedandwell-trainedsta , constantdrillsand training, modern and up-to-date equipment, all enable BelgradeNikolaTesla Airport toprovide passengers and planes with the same level of service during unfavourable winter weather conditions as other large airports worldwide, and that is something that’s implemented, underlined and required by all VINCI Airports – the Concessionaire of Belgrade Airport. Pista beogradskog aerodroma u potpunosti može da se očisti od snega za 8–10 minuta Belgrade Airport’s runway can be completely cleared of snow in just 8 to 10 minutes