102 | / St. Nicholas from the 18th century, the Lower andUpper Orthodox churches, the beautiful Baroque Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity, the building of the Magistrate. Here even the pharmacies aren’t new – one is 151 years old – or the fountains either – the Four lions in the town squarewere erected in 1799, while the Lower Church has a canvas that’s 140 years old. Perhaps on your way back you’ll enjoy refreshing yourself with a glass of Bermet, which is said to have been served on the Titanic!? There are legends recounted about it, and although none of them are entirely reliable, we believe that they must all be at least partly true. It is said to have been a favourite drink at the court of Vienna, that it was used as a trump card in diplomatic talks, and that first-class Titanic passengers also had a Karlovci Bermet on the wine list before they hit the iceberg. Perhaps one of the most beautiful stories related to this wine is that of Maria Theresa, who tasted it when it was brought to her in Vienna from the Karlovci river port. The Empress was delighted with the drink and, logically, inquired about its origins. She was told that it came from the small region around Karlovci, from where men were often recruited for wars, and she allegedly immediately released the Karlovci men from military service so that they could work unhindered on the production of this beautiful nectar. A PLACE FOR HEDONISM And while we’re on the subject of Bermet, you should know that Karlovci is also a place for hedonism. Goulash, paprikash, local river sh, poppy seed strudel, everything and even more is there to feed your body, when you’ve already forti ed your soul. And then, if the weather is nice, head to the Maldives! Yes, you read it right. Whenwe say theMaldives, wemean Karlovci Island, or Monkey Island, which is a wonderful sandbank island on the Danube right beside this hidden gem at the foot of Fruška Gora mountain... ZVONO Zvono Karlovačke gimnazije, postavljeno 1891, oglašavalo se sve do 1979. kada ga je zamenilo novo, električno. Uprkos promenama, to zvono se i danas nalazi na starom mestu. Na jednoj strani zvona utisnuta je rečenica: „Ovo je zvono Karlovačke srpske velike gimnazije“, dok se na drugoj strani nalazi reljef patrona škole i njenog zaštitnika Svetog Save. THE BELL The bell of the Karlovci Gymnasium school, erected in 1891, resounded until 1979, when it was replaced by a new electric one. Despite the changes, the original bell remains in its old place to this day. On one side of the bell is an inscription: “This is the bell of the Karlovci Serbian Great Gymnasium”, while on the other side is an embossed image of the school’s patron saint and protector, Saint Sava. Recept za proizvodnju bermeta poznat je samo malom broju porodica iz Karlovaca. Pominje se tridesetak vrsta biljaka, koren za gorčinu, cvet za miris i plod za slatkast ukus The recipe for Bermet production is known only to a few families from Karlovci. Mentioned are some thirty types of herbs, a root for bitterness, a flower for aroma and fruit for its refreshing and sweet taste Najstarija apoteka osnovana 1858. i dalje je na istom mestu The oldest pharmacy was founded in 1858 and remains in the same place to this day