| 101 Jovan Sterija Popović and Branko Radičević walked through this door in front of youevery day. They walked along the same path. I’m quite sure you’ll think the same thing as I did when you pause in front of the most famous Serbian school – theKarlovci GymnasiumHigh School. It has been traversed by greats of Serbian culture and history during a history dating back 229 years. Couldgreat Serbianpoet BrankoRadičević, a bust of whom is located in the school yard, ever have dreamt as a pupil of this school that so many years later his works would be preserved in its library, which is today the richest and oldest school library in Serbia? And they are just some of the literary treasures that are kept here. TWO CENTURIES OF SPIRITUAL CULTURE The gymnasium, which was founded in 1791 by Metropolitan Bishop Stratimirović and respected merchant Dimitrije Anastasijević, is certainly among the most popular monuments of culture in Sremski Karlovci, but it is only one of many… Formore than200years, thisbeautiful Vojvodina town was the spiritual centre of the Serbs in the Habsburg Monarchy, initially as the seat of the Orthodox metropolitanate, and later also the patriarch. Not far from the famous Gymnasium, in the very centre of the town, which is itself reminiscent of a museum, is the Patriarchate Court, and its ground oor houses the Treasury of the Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Karlovci natives will also proudly point out many other buildings to you. WALK THROUGH HISTORY Remember themwell, the town centre is small, but you’ll need time to tour all these sights. There is the Cathedral of Na ovom mestu, u Patrijaršijskom dvoru, snimljena je scena iz serije Senke na Balkanu kada se sreću čuveni ruski general Petar Nikolajević Vrangel i srpski patrijarh Dimitrije It was in this very place, in the Patriarchate Court, that the makers of the series Shadows Over the Balkans shot the scene were famous Russian general Pyotr Nikolayevich Vrangel met with Serbian Patriarch Dimitrije U Karlovcima se od 2002. organizuje Festival kuglofa. Vredne Karlovačanke osmislile su i autentičan karlovački kuglof s bermetom The festival of Kuglof has been organised in Sremski Karlovci since 2002. The industrious women of Karlovci conceived an authentic Karlovci Kuglof with Bermet wine U prizemlju Patrijaršijskog dvora smeštena je i Riznica Muzeja SPC The ground floor of the Patriarchate Court also houses the Treasury of the Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church