| 75 Odmalena je stvarnost bojila maštom prenoseći priče kroz glumu, televiziju, pozorišne predstave, radio, dokumentarne i kratke filmove. Usput je obišla svet s kraja na kraj, od Irana, gde je rođena, preko Australije, u kojoj je odrastala, do Dubaija, gde je bacila sidro From an early age she coloured reality with imagination, relaying stories through acting, television, theatre shows, radio, documentaries and short lms. Along the way, she toured the world from one side to the other, from Iran – where she was born, via Australia – where she grew up, to Dubai – where she dropped anchor I shot a lminabeautiful village in themountains of northern Iran, so theygaveme several helperswhohandled the forestsexcellently.Theycouldtraverse theentiremountain with their eyes closed and knewevery shortcut. And they were all under the age of nine, says lmmaker Pegah Ghaemi (38), explaining how she made another unplanned lm. Her lm The Match, about these resourceful kids, in which we’re shown an Iranian village far from civilisation, where a very important footballmatch is playedbetweenneighbouring children. Throughout the game, the story leads us back and forth through the lives of these little football players, into their past, present and future, without leading us away from the real match within The Match. “As Iwatched these rural boysplaying football, I imagined what it would be like if they had an opportunity to really compete in a major international competition,” says Pegah. And everything began out of boredom. There wasn’t much that could thrill her in her childhood, so she turned to the world of fantasy long before she made her rst lm. And then, as shedeveloped as both aperson and a lmmaker, she was increasingly won over by life’s mysteries. She ventured into theworld of lmspeci cally because, as she says, it provides uswith the freedomtoexplore life and learn about all its forms in theworld inwhichwe live and the worlds that arewithin all of us. That’swhy lm is her salvation from boredom and a creative excursion away from daily life. Thanks toherwork, Pegahhas toured theworld fromone side to the other, from Iran – where she was born, via Australia – where she grew up, to Dubai – where she dropped anchor. “Throughout all these years, I’ve often injured myself and got sick. When I went to Iraq to shoot the lm about the Yazidi people, I caught mumps. I hadn’t received all the necessary vaccines beforehand, and the stress was enormous. There is a constant fear of security there, and alongside that these people have also su ered so much,” she recalls how it was to make her lm about the Yazidis, one of the oldest peoples in the world, who have a deep respect for both the Bible and the Quran, and they are dubbed devil worshipers by some outsiders.