50 | / noličnom bitu u kojem nema nikakve komunikacije i koji, i kad je najbolji, vodi ka otuđenju i zatvaranju u sebe. Ljudi dođu na koncert i stoje, kao da gledaju film. Mi ne želimo da pružimo publici plesno veče, jer smo i sami ponekad takva ista publika. Ali za tih sat, sat i po, koliko traje koncert, želja nam je da publiku odnesemo na bolje mesto. Da ne budemo mračni, buntovni i individualni na bini, nego na pružimo koreografije, orkestar, svu tu scensku raskoš – objašnjava Miki kako je moguće otopiti savremenu publiku. Pa ako ste u Novom Sadu za Dan zaljubljenih, ponesite slamčice i pravo na limunadu. VIC Limunada emerged in 2013, though they sound like they met in the middle of the last century.Theyareconnectedby a great love for those bygone times and memories of a dancing Belgrade, dance hall evenings and a time when people believed in a better life. “We’re inspired by the Post-WWII period of reconstruction and development, that dolce vita, the sweet life of the regular, urban, modern, middle-class people that was then developing. Strong faith in better tomorrow ourished sometime from 1955 to 1965, and then very quickly dissipated. That faith and hope, more than the clothes and sounds or dance, are what touch us deeply. None of us is a dancer, nor a romantic; we’re not some seducers who bring owers for girls. We don’t live in that way at all,” says singer andguitaristMiodrag‘Miki’Ninić, explaining the creative and conceptual frameworkwithinwhichVICLimunadaoperates. They still nevertheless draw inspiration from that period and, as they say, learn from arrangements and bygone productions. “That music has an open, positive attitude, unlike contemporarymusic, which oftenhas someclosedattitudeof negative criticism. We want to avoid being rebelliously dirty.We don’t want harsh rhythms and harsh lyrics that refute everything that’s beautiful,” says Miki. In their music one recognises the fusion of classical music and jazz, blues and rock‘n’ roll, Italian sounds and the hit tracks of San Remo... This 14th February, to commemorate Valentine’s Day, they will present all of these factors with a major concert at Novi Sad’s Spens venue. Will they succeed in creating the atmosphere of a dance and compel an audience of sti modern people to dance to good, old records? “We all feel that huge alienation and the inability of people to form loving relationships. Everything is terribly fast; everything is done according to the “hit and run”principle. The entertainment industry is increasingly orientated towards electronic music, towards a monotone beat that doesn’t contain any communication, and which – even at its best – leads towards alienation and closing to oneself. People come to a concert and stand still, as thoughwatching a lm.We, as Limunada, don’t want to give the audience a dance evening, because we’re sometimes also that kindof audience ourselves. But for that hour, hour and a half, as long as the concert lasts, our desire is to take the audience to a better place. For us not to be dark, rebellious and individual on stage, but rather to o er choreography, an orchestra, all that stage splendour,” says Miki, explaining how to thaw an icy contemporary audience. So, if you nd yourself in Novi Sad for St. Valentine’s Day, bring your drinking straws and head for some lemonade. In their music one recognises the fusion of classical music and jazz, blues and rock ‘n’ roll, the hits of San Remo.... This 14th February, to commemorate Valentine’s Day, they will present all of these with a major concert at Novi Sad’s Spens venue U njihovoj muzici prepoznaje se mešavina klasične muzike i džeza, bluza i rokenrola i šlagera San Rema... Ovog 14. februara, na Dan zaljubljenih, sve će to pokazati na svirci u „Spensu“ u Novom Sadu