| 29 A Hollywood star that actually isn’t one, but rather is a normal person. Charismatic yet modest, beautiful yet inconspicuous, simple and relaxed. Actor Matt Dillon took time out to meet every fan who wanted a picture taken with him, sat in the restaurant beyond the zone reserved for VIP guests, mixedwith the crowd during the celebration of Serbian New Year, withaCubancigar andaberet onhis head, listening to music fromTheWritten-O s. With no bodyguards, agents or personal assistants anywhere to be seen, because Matt doesn’t have his own entourage. All he has is an equally cute, almost imperceptible girlfriendwho stoically endured the hordes of fans in Drvengrad. That’s because the role played in previous years at“Küstendorf”by the likes of NikitaMikhalkov, Monica Bellucci, Audrey Tautou, Jacques Audiard, Johnny Depp, Jim Jarmusch and Andrei Konchalovsky, was this year taken on by American actor Matt Dillon. He arrived inMečavnik as one of the o cial guests of the 12th Küstendorf International FilmandMusic Festival, which this year had 21 lms from16 countries vying for prizes. This actor met Emir Kusturicamany years agoandhas admired him since he rst watched the lm “When FatherWas Away on Business”, because that lmwas very important tohim. “It was through“Father”that I met the Balkans. I was 22 years oldwhen it was released (1986). It had heart, the story simply knocked me o my feet, and it was then that I started followingKusturica and his career. He immediately became one of my favourite directors and someonewith whom I would have liked to work. He’s a delightful and good person, and that can be seen in his lms. He is very normal, not only a humanitarian but also an egalitarian. He treats all people the same, all are equal. He was curious, interested in the world. That’s why hewas in Havana at the lm festival where we met and when he invited me to Küstendorf.” Dillonwasveryyoungwhenhemoved from one lm to the next and didn’t nd the time to follow his classmates. While his peers were at school, he met Gri n Dunne, Fisher Stevens and many other actor-directors... But he didn’t complete secondary school. “I feel like I became an actor and it’s as though thatwasn’tmy choice, as if I wasn’t asked anything about that. That was just something that happened tome, but from themoment it happened I couldno longer imagine doing anything else in life. I felt as though I was created just to do that. I always had imagination and loved stories and history; I was curious and loved to write and read, yet then again I also liked to get into ghts and trouble, but that wasn’t my real nature. I became an actor because I wanted to express some kind of truth, authenticity, and not because I wanted someone to look at me on the stage. I was always drawn by curiosity regarding human nature.” Francis FordCoppola said that hewas shy, but Matt disagrees. He says that he was just very young at the time. He was also bothered from the start by the label that would follow him throughout his entire career – that of a beauty and a heartbreaker! “I didn’t like the imageof aheartthrob. I didn’twant themtomarginaliseme. People would put me in a drawer that had nothing to do with my acting. And I took acting seriously, I attended lessons and was very dedicated from the very beginning. And then they stick a label on you as if you’re a piece of meat or a heartbreaker or a studor something like that. I didn’t like it. I didn’t feel comfortable. Itwasmeaningless to me. I had the impression that I was collapsing into a chasm and would soon be forgotten. And I wanted toplay character roles. Even when I was a kid, at the age of 14, I was a natural “method actor” [the school of acting created by Stanislavski, known to us as Stanislavski’s system, accepted inAmericabyStrasbergandothers. Kopola je govorio da sam stidljiv. Ali mislim da to nije tačno, samo sam bio mlad Coppola said that I was shy. But I don’t think that’s right – I was just young