VanGoghhasgivenitsaudienceanew, tenthstudio album, “SeaWithout a Shore”, while a book withthesametitlewillbereleasedon8thMarch, containingthe lyricsof songsandphotographs by Zvonimir ĐukićĐule, publishedby Laguna. Đule is celebrating 33 years as a rocker with new chords, by experimenting with sounds and rhythms, but also emotions. “Andnowthat the albumis over, after a full ve years, I still feel like I’mcreating and shaping it, but at a di erent, imaginary level. I don’t claim that this is the best album in our career, but I doclaimthat it is special in termsof charm and is strong intermsof itsemotional andenergeticcode.” You’ve reached a sea without a shore. How was the journey? - So far it’s been very exciting and inspirational. And the real journey of the tour after the release of the album is yet tocome.You live for some songs, you live fromsome songs, while some songs bring you to life. I was called for a long timeby the samedream: beautiful endless expanses, bathed in colourful silence. My sea without a shore symbolises life without barriers and a picture of freedom coloured by optimism. And the strength of the number 33, marking the years that the band has existed, awakens the recognisingof the endof anoldcreative force and the beginning of a new one. Doyou likewater?Did that loveprovide the inspiration for the title of the new album? - I lovethesea.WaterandIoftentalkloudlyintheshower. AccordingtoJacquesCousteau: thecure for everything is salt water, sweat, tears or sea water. You seem to have always had a good time with your work, which isn’t always easy? - Reveal to me a job that can be easy, provided that you approach it with maximum dedication and responsibility? Themoment I feel my guitar pick causing blisters inmy pocket and thatmy guitar has become a burden on my shoulder, there I am in a new, fun playroom. Inmusic, and in everyday life, there are people who are optimistic, they speak in a major scale. And then there are those others, pessimists, who speak in aminor scale. I’mamong thosewho rejoice ineveryharmonyof life that calls for joy. What do you currently like on the domestic music scene? -There is an army of talented and versatilepeople towards whom the media is, unfortunately, not su ciently inclined. I like Irie FM andWikluh Sky. I also have endless respect for YU Grupa, our “musical parents”. Whoseconcertwouldyouhappilyattendasamember of the audience? - I’velistenedtoalotofconcertswhiletravellingaround theworld. I’msorry that I didn’tget theopportunity tohear Freddie Mercury preforming live with Queen. Have you ever wanted to abandon the scene because you had enough of music? - I’mnotamanwhogivesup.There isno‘enough’, there isnosubstitute for thatwhichhasnosubstitute, andthat is freedomof expression and thedistance of a viewwithout binoculars.There’sonly forwards, further, faster andbetter. What do you have in abundance today, andwhat are you lacking? - I havea lotof imagination, andthat iscapableof leading to sweet madness for which there is no insulin. I love whenmy imagination forms all kinds of things, andwhen I leave behind me dishevelled moves in reality, without any need whatsoever to polish them. How do you succeed in staying out of the focus of the tabloids? - I’m not interested in the tabloids, they have their own trained herd. I stay away frommeaningless content and ctional life. Tome, this simple life of mine, surroundedby peopledear tome, is interestingenough. I ee from the pack, this ideology is my support Is this also connected to your decision not to expose your love life? -Mywife, Julija, and I havebeena teamsincewayback during our school days. I don’t see what we should share with an unknownworld, and all with the intention of presenting ourselves as a perfect couple. Ludicrous. What did your son Simon get from you, and what did he get from his mother? - He found himself fromany early agewhile diving in thedepths,whilehe isnowinspiredbyheights,wings, keroseneandplanes. FromhimI learnthowtoapproachcommunication without feeling burdened and how to avoid myambitions in uencinghim, evenwhenbornout of the best intentions. And guitars are also like children? - I oftendreamwhileawake in theenchanted triangle between my babies“Telecaster”, “Stratocaster”and“Gibson Les Paul”. TheTelecaster has nowbecome amoulted, industriousoldmanwithagoodvoice, andIplayed it on almost all of our albums and tours. In the studio I often usemy Gibson Les Paul - Top Gold, and frommy father I receivedmy rstever seriousguitar, a Fender Stratocaster, way back in 1979. It was a gift for successfully completingmy rst year of studies at the Facultyof Law, withhis desire for me to continue studying as successfully. And itwas actually this gift that introduced me to the world of rock ‘n’ roll, and took me away from that college forever. | 101 Klonim se besmislenih sadržaja i izmišljenog života. Bežim od čopora, ta ideologija mi je opora I stay away from meaningless content and ctional life. I ee from the pack, this ideology is my support