Decembar 2021

R I TAM GRADA / RHYTHM OF THE CI TY AEST HE T I CS OF TOP I CA L SOUVEN I RS Designer greetings fromBelgrade To our good fortune, and that of all the dear guestswhowill visit thewhite city during the coming holiday period, prominent creatives have raised the “made in Belgrade” tag to the level of artistic expression WE RETURNFROMNEWYORKWITHA YANKEES cap and a “I heart NY” mug, in Lisbon we purchase picturesque sardine cans and tin models of legendary trams, while London usually lures us into packing a few decorative packages of strong English Breakfast tea in a Harrods carrier. However, what could we take back as the ultimate memento of Belgrade that’s not from the domain of traditional Serbian handicrafts - which, despite being fascinating, don’t tell the whole story of the multifaceted modern charm of this Balkan metropolis? Here are some irresistible ways to beautify your everyday life, and take something unique home from Belgrade. . DechkoTzar If the contemporary creativemap of Belgrade took a craft topography approach, the bastion of good design that was founded by brothers and best buddies ‘Braća Burazeri’ Nikola andNenad Radojčić in Gračanica Street, under the universal term ‘Dechko Tzar’, would be labelled as a huge ‘must see’, an obligatory place to visit and shop. Apart from contributing greatly to the beginnings of the streetwear branding “u Srba”, their work also encompasses the most commonly unexploited potentials of domestic design vocabulary, such as harking back to the typography of the golden age of the former Yugoslavia and the graphic power of the Cyrillic script, all through a filter of the more beautiful collective experience of the late ‘90s and early 2000s. Through their works, mostly prints and T-shirts, you “tour” the symbols of Belgrade – fascinating, forgotten, resplendent, noisy, subtle and eternal, like the city itself. From the Victor monument and Avala Tower, to the eclecticism of Dorćol and New Belgrade’s socialist realism.. D.O. home The home design line under the ‘D.O. home’ brand of famous local designer DraganaOgnjenović has been a paragon of flawless design from these lands for 20 years. And to mark the 20th anniversary of the existence of her line of home items, Dragana is signing her initials to a unique porcelain collection. The D.O. home porcelain collection has been carefully prepared, with Dragana having personally shaped every plate, fruit bowl, serving bowl, coffee mug and tea cup. No two pieces are the same, as each of them is made individually and treated by hand throughout the entire creative process, culminating in the hand glazed finish. The colour palette is also inspired by nature – with the colours of natural wool, sand and cotton enabling the shapes and their intentional imperfections to come to the fore, while details made of 24-carat gold confirm the longevity of this collection. And equal attention has been paid to the packaging: whether you’re buying a miniature bowl as a small ornament or a large set at the minimalist-décor shop on Cara Lazara Street, every gift is packaged with dedication. The Perfume Atelier The perfumery workshop of the Perfume Atelier, which narrowly specialises in the production, understanding and blending of fragrances, has opened opposite the Botanical Garden in Takovska Street. Standing behind the establishment is Zaga Čolović, a female entrepreneur who has spent many years dedicated to natural cosmetics, perfumes and candles in London. The Perfume Atelier is an open-door style place, where every perfume enthusiast, creative or curious person, or ordinary citizen, can come and learn the basics of how and from what perfume is made, becoming their own perfumer. Over the course of two hours, through a professionally led workshop, they will each make 30 ml of their own perfume and one wonderful formula. However, if you’re in a rush, at least drop by to pick up the unisex perfume that’s actually called Belgrade. Particularly woody and a little spicy, with overtones of lime, bergamot and lavender, jasmine flower and coriander at the centre, it has a strong foundation of vanilla, cedar and musk. It is fresh and sensual, mystical and at the same time seductive, just like the city itself. FOTO: Jovana Rakezić 80 | Beograd » Belgrade