Decembar 2021

Decor » Dekoracija| 73 Skandinavske pahuljice Zvezde, pahulje i cveće, pogotovo kada su beli, uvek asociraju na skandinavski božićni dekor. Mogu da vise na prozorima, lagani su, pa ih je lako zakačiti za plafon, možete da ih postavite kao centralnu dekoraciju na sto… Lako ih je napraviti, potrebno je samomalomašte i strpljenja. Idealna zabava za večeri sa porodicom. Papir propušta svetlost, pa uvek deluje pomalomagično. Za koji god oblik da se odlučite, nećete pogrešiti. Ipak, Instagram je ove godine prepun slika skandinavskih blogerki koje su akcenat stavile na snežni cvet tzv. snoblomma. Napravljen je od nekoliko slojeva papira presavijenog poput lepeze, pa dobijate i trodimenzionalni efekat. Najelegantniji su beli ili svetlokrem, naravno ni sa nekombojompoput zlatne, crvene ili srebrne neće delovati manje svečano. Ako se odlučite za beli, Skandinavke su namotkrile jedan trik – papir za pečenje idealan je za pravljenje ovih cvetova, lako se savija, idealne je boje, a deluje toplo i elegantno u isto vreme. Ako niste sigurni kako da ga napravite, zavirite na Instagram, prepun je tutorijala za izradu snežnog cveta. Ako vamuspe da ga lepo napravite, skoro da smo sigurni da će ostati kao trajna dekoracija na zidu ili prozoru. SCANDINAVIAN FLAKES Stars, snowflakes and flowers, especially white ones, are always associatedwith Scandinavian Christmas decorations. They can be hung on windows, while their lightnessmakes themeasy to hang fromceilings and you can also place themon a table as a central decoration… Easy tomake, all that’s required is a little imagination and patience. And creating them is ideal entertainment for evenings spent with the family. Paper allows light to pass through, which is why they always seems slightlymagical. And you won’t bemistaken regardless of the shape you choose. However, Instagram is this year replete with pictures fromScandinavian bloggers who emphasise the socalled “snöblomma” snowflower. It is made frommultiple layers of paper that are folded like a fan to create a three-dimensional effect. It looks the most elegant when colouredwhite or light cream, but of course it will look no less festive in some other colours, like gold, red or silver. If you choose white, the Scandinavians have revealed a trick to us – baking paper is the ideal choice for making these flowers, as it bends easily, has the ideal colour and appears simultaneously warmand elegant. If you’re not sure how tomake it, check out Instagram, which is packed with tutorials for making these snowflowers. If youmanage tomake it well, we’re pretty sure that it will remain as a permanent decoration on your wall or window. Tekst/Words: Sofija Kuzmanović Fotografije/Photography:, Depositphotos al and arrange in order mini care packages, fizzy bath bombs, hair and facial masks, and makeup. Compile a list of affirmations, quotes or excerpts from your favourite books, a list of songs for every evening, techno gadgets etc. Sweets are always a safe option, as are children’s toys. You can also make instructions with materials for creating origami figurines, wool for knitting in different colours etc. Whenyouworkoutwhat you’ll do, all that’s left is to devise the way you’ll create a calendar, which is the top trend this year. So, insteadofmaking a classic advent calendar, play around a bit, say by sewingpockets to a piece of canvas or hanging paper bags ona stand. A large bowl with little boxes or envelopes will also look phenomenal. Of course, be sure not to forget to mark the dates. Kako u modi, tako je i u dizajnu ručni rad ponovo na ceni Just as is the case in fashion, handicraft is again also highly prized when it comes to design FOTO: / Jacek Nowak / Alamy