Decembar 2021

LAJFSTAJ L / L I FESTYLE 72 | Dekoracija » Decor T HE COUNTDOWN B EG I NS 24 sweet surprises toChristmas & a snowflower Intended primarily for children, Advent calendars have grown over time to become a joy for adults too. From the original ones, with little pictures and sweets, today you can find gastro and beauty advent calendars, but also those with toys and homely details As we are set to spend ever more time at home, and the pandemic has taught us to value someone's labourmore thantheprice of materials, we have the perfect opportunity to make our own Christmas decorations. In addition to the DIY calendar, handmade paper flowers are also a top choice. And this trend, of course, comes from Scandinavia. Just as is the case in fashion, handicraft is again also highly prized when it comes to design. Every item, even those created clumsily, carries within it the emotion of the one who made it as a priceless value, while also representing an original work. Given that such decorations are oftenmade of textiles, paper, rope or something else that we already possess, they also rate highly on the sustainability index, which is slowly becoming the standard and not a fleeting trend. December is here, so be sure to quickly design a few personalised calendars if you haven't already. For family, for friends and even for yourself if you so desire. You will find making them fun, and you’ll recall what your loved ones like and try to find those special little items that will brighten someone’s day every day until Christmas. For a lady friend, you can create a mini spa rituNikako nemojte da zaboravite da obeležite datume Be sure not to forget to mark the dates Ključna reč ovog decembra je DIY, od adventskih kalendara do snežnih cvetova The key word this December is DIY, from advent calendars to snowflowers FOTO: / Lithiumphoto / Alamy FOTO: / Gudrun Krebs / Panthermedia