Decembar 2021

Air Serbia » Er Srbija | 45 PASSPORT PROGR AMME YOUARE CERTAINLYAWARE THAT NEW Yorkers often tell jokes at the expense of New Jersey and that this state is home to the entertaining Atlantic City. You probably know that the series The Sopranos was filmed there and that it is the birthplace of Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Meryl Streep, BruceWillis and TomCruise. Perhaps you also know that New Jersey is often dubbed the “Diner Capital of the world” and that it is home to the world’s longest boardwalk. But did you know that New Jersey’s vineyards compete with the best French wines, and even those that come fromCalifornia’s Napa Valley? New Jersey is actually one of America’s leadingwine producing states. Andwhat makes its wine industry so noteworthy is the wide variety of grapes grown there - it is not recognised for a single variety, but rather as a territory that produces awardwinning wines that suit every palate. This state boasts 51 wineries that serve top qualitywines, offers excellent food to accompany thosewines, but alsomusic that ensures the whole experience is special. And yet, it was necessary for the state’s wine lovers and owners to join forces to ensure thewines of New Jersey receive the status they deserve. TheGarden StateWineGrowers Association (GSWGA) has designed a passport programme that motivates people to visit thesewineries, by using their wine passports to collect stamps and receive rewards at the end of the year in the formof a trip to one of thewine destinations in Europe or America. Although this programme has been in existence for around ten years already, Goran Mandić – as the creator and coordinator of the new concept – has expanded the choice of destinations for American wine lovers, who will next year be able to discover and explore a land of natural beauty, good fun and, of course, great wines. Yes, wemean Serbia! “I’ve been collaboratingwith theGSWGA for two and a half years onmultiple projects that relate to the creation of newwine placement channels, the promoting of the State of New Jersey andwineries overseas. The Passport programme has ledwine enthusiasts to verified regions of Italy and France, but mywish is to present all the beauty of my country of origin. A country that Americans are not sufficiently acquaintedwith, andwhich lies at the heart of Europe, has a long history, ancient monasteries and the temple of Saint Sava. TheGSWGAwill collaboratewith the Tourist Organisation of Serbia to ensuremuchmore dynamic cooperation between Serbia and the states of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. All wineries will use their social media accounts, which are followed bymore than amillion people, to promote Serbia, while one of the goals is to eachmonth secure a significant group of tourists, wine lovers, whowill embark on a journey to our country,” explainsMandić. Air Serbia will also play a major role in this programme, as the exclusive partner and official airline of the Passport programme, but also as a company that has represented a direct link between Belgrade and New York for years. “It is very important for all passengers to have a direct flight and not have to take a connecting flight. That offers comfort, but also testifies to Serbia being an important destination, as it has a direct flight to New York, which isn’t something that every country has,” concludes Mandić. The Garden State Wine Growers Association (GSWGA) has declared Serbia as a partner for 2021/22, and Air Serbia as the official airline that will be – as it has been to date – a precious bridge between the two continents WINE ROUTE LEADING FROM NEW JERSEY TO SERBIA FOTO: Bill Denver