Decembar 2021

Series » Serija | 41 LOEB BOATHOUSE East 72nd Street & Park Drive North Is there anything inCentral Park that attractsmore attention than this place? Perhaps the squirrels. However, this boathouse – known to people from fashion editorials, films and other TV series – was also the spot where Carrie and Big famously fell in the water. It might not have been the most romantic of scenes in the series, but that doesn't mean new fond memories can't be created here. NEWYORK PUBLIC LIBRARY 476 5th Avenue This site is also among New York’s most important locations. People meet in front of the building, eat on its steps, study, but also break off wedding engagements.Thismagnificent library provided the scene for a dramatic Sex and the City event. Although originally conceived as the place where they would marry, in the first film it became the place where Big would leave Carrie on the eve of their wedding. THE PARIS THEATER 4West 58th Street This old cinema, whichwas opened byMarlene Dietrich back in 1948, isn’t only an important venue for cinephiles, but also for all those who sometimes desire to leap to Paris for an hour or two. As Carrie herself said in the series – “One of the most amazing things about living in a city like New York is that, any night of the week, you can go to Paris.” This cinema usually screens only one film four times a day, and those are mostly independent films. Lately, however, it is here that Netflix has been showingmost of its films intended for cinema distribution. BROOKLYN BRIDGE Spanning the East River, between Manhattan and Brooklyn This famous bridge, dating back to 1883, connects the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Or, if you ask Miranda, two worlds. “Brooklyn is the new Manhattan! Yes, but whoever wrote that lives in Brooklyn,” she said in revulsion while seeking a new apartment. However, this bridge also represented another link for her – the return of Steve after their breakup and infidelity in the first film. „Jedna od najboljih stvari u vezi sa Njujorkom je to što bilo koje noći u toku nedelje možete skoknuti do Pariza“ “One of the most amazing things about living in a city like New York is that, any night of the week, you can go to Paris” Biblioteka je jedna od najbitnijih tačaka u Njujorku The city’s Public Library is among New York’s most important locations Postoji li nešto što privlači pažnju u Central parku više od ovogmesta? Is there anything in Central Park that attracts more attention than this place? BIOSKOP PARIZ THE PARIS THEATER NJUJORŠKA BIBLIOTEKA NEWYORK PUBLIC LIBRARY THE LOEB BOATHOUSE FOTO: / Gordon Donovan / Alamy FOTO: / Patti McConville / Alamy FOTO: / SOPA Images Limited / Alamy