98 | Praznici » Holidays AUSTR I JA / AUSTR IA WE WI SH YOU A HAP PY 202 1 Let themagic of the holidays begin As we prepare to enter what we hope will be a much better year, there’s a real opportunity to be satisfied with that which surrounds us Theseasonof celebrations is fast approaching - and together with AleksandraVučković (whoseInstagram, @withinstalovealex, is consideredoneof the region’s most beautiful lifestyle profiles) we’ve prepared seven tips on how to createmagic fromeverymoment of the holidays. Decorate even themost unexpected places in your home Everyone gathers ina celebratoryNewYearmoodaroundtheChristmas tree or a luxuriously set table – but thatdoesn’tmeanthat therestof yourhomeshouldbedeprivedofdecorations. Garlands, wreaths, red ribbons andbaubleswill also look good onbookshelves, oldcandlesticks ina display case and, of course, the fireplace for those who have one. Wrapping is as valuable as a gift itself Considering what this year was like - no one expects an exorbitantly expensive gift for the holidays. Moreover, a gift can also be a souvenir of small monetary value but large emotional value. However, the holidays aren’t holidayswithout the rustling of decorative wrapping paper, so wrap every gift you’re giving as if it were the most luxurious accessory in the world. Dress up even if you aren’t going anywhere Oneof thehashtags thatmarked 2020onsocial networks inthe sense of fashion is the English slogan “Dress up to go nowhere” - which means getting dressed up for the town just toenjoyapeaceful evening at home, in selected company or a joint virtual celebration via Zoom. Try it yourself. Instead of a cafe - walk through decorated streets The rules of distancing during thepandemichavechangedourhabits of socialising for a while. One of the trends that we’d like to adopt even when all this is over is hangingoutmore in the freshair, on long walkswithfriends. Ifyouwarmyourself upwith a good coat, soft gloves and a richly draped scarf, you’ll enjoy yourself even more. Extract themost beautiful memories Perhaps we travelled less this year than we did in previous years – but here’s a good opportunity to displayyourmemoriesofallprevious travels in the formof a smallmoodboard of life! Frame some precious photos (even if they were created for social networks, you can print them at a photo shop), dust down old greeting cards that youplaced in a drawer, and all your most beautifulmoments of the holidayswill appear in front of your eyes. Treat yourself What have you long sincewanted to give yourself as a gift but considered too expensive? Perhaps you aren’t lackinganythingmaterial, but you’d liketohavemoretime for some of your own rituals?There has never been a better time to repay yourself for every hectic day. Even if you want to stay in bed all day – that’s completely okay! Thank the people you love Sometimes we take the people close tous for granted, so they don’t know how much they mean to us. Now is the right time to thank, with gestures or words, thosewho are always there for us. At the end of the day, what is a holiday season other than a way of giving thanks for the calendar year that made us better - even if it wasn’t easy at all!? Praznici nisu praznici bez šuškanja ukrasnog papira, zato sve što poklanjate upakujte kao da je najluksuzniji aksesoar na svetu The Holidays aren’t holidays without the rustling of decorative wrapping paper, so wrap every gift you’re giving as if it were the most luxurious accessory in the world