Air Serbia » Er Srbija | 9 Za letove ponedeljkomputnicima Er Srbije su do Moskve preko Beograda obezbeđene dobre konekcije iz Amsterdama, Kopenhagena, Ljubljane, Osla, Pariza, Podgorice, Beča, Ciriha i Zagreba For the Monday flights, Air Serbia passengers will also have access to good connections to Moscow, via Belgrade, fromAmsterdam, Copenhagen, Ljubljana, Oslo, Paris, Vienna, Zurich and Zagreb. AIR SERBIARELAUNCHESMOSCOWFLIGHTS Air Serbia re-established its aviation connectionwith the Russian Federation in November. Prior to the temporary suspension of operations, the last flight between the Serbian and Russian capitals was carried out on 18th March. “We are glad to reintroduce another destination to our network, enabling a direct link between Russia and Belgrade. Given that Russia represents amajor and significant market, Moscow is a very important destination for our passengers, for Serbia, and for thewhole region,” said Jiri Marek, Air Serbia General Manager Commercial and Strategy. The national airline nowoperates flights from Belgrade to the capital of Russia twice aweek, onMondays at 1:50pmand Fridays at 7:30am. Tickets for Moscow flights are available to purchase from the national airline’s website Nacionalna aviokompanija ka glavnomgradu Rusije iz Beograda saobraća dva puta nedeljno, ponedeljkomu 13.50, petkom u 7.30 h. Aviokarte zaMoskvu putnicima su dostupne na sajtu nacionalnog avioprevoznika iStock