Belgrade » Beograd | 65 The Roling Stones, Ušće, 14. jul 2007. Mik Džeger se trudio preko svog ionako blistavog standarda, rifovi Kita Ričardsa ličili su na noževe koji lete kroz vazduh i, uopšte, grupa je svirala kao da ne postoji sutra. Bio je to grandiozan čas o poštenju i profesionalnoj etici, a ujedno i dokaz – ko zna koji po redu – da najveći bend na svetu ne živi samo od muzike nego i za nju. Nauljeni kao početkom šezdesetih, puni energije, volje i inspiracije, The Rolling Stones su u Beogradu, pred očima nekoliko generacija, naše najlepše snove pretvorili u javu, i to na način koji oduzima dah. THE ROLLING STONES, UŠĆE, 14TH JULY 2007 Mick Jagger exerted effort above and beyond his already brilliant standard, Keith Richards’ riffs resembled knives flying through the air, and the band generally played as if there would be no tomorrow. It was a grandiose lesson in honesty and professional ethics, and at the same time proof - who knows for which umpteenth time - that the greatest band in the world doesn’t only live frommusic, but also for it. As slick as in the early ‘60s, full of energy, will and inspiration, the Rolling Stones in Belgrade, in front of the eyes of several generations, converted our most beautiful dreams into reality, and did so in a breathtaking way. Leonard Koen, Arena, 2. septembar 2009. Što da krijem: ganut do suza, upijao sam svaki ton koji je stizao sa bine. Bio je to jedan od onih koncerata koji promene čoveka, učine ga boljim, mudrijim. Na neki način mu i odrede život – ili tako što mu otvore nova vrata ili tako što ga ohrabre da nastavi stazom kojom je već krenuo. I nisam, zaista, očekivao da Koen, pored svega ostalog, bude toliko zabavan, da na njegovom koncertu bude toliko smeha. Kao i svaki drugi čovek od stila, šalio se uglavnom na sopstveni račun. LEONARDCOHEN, ARENA, 2ND SEPTEMBER 2009 Why would I hide: I was moved to tears, absorbing every tone that came from the stage. It was one of those concerts that changes a man, making him better, wiser. In a way they also determine his life - either by opening a new door or encouraging him to continue on the path he has already taken. And I didn’t really expect Cohen, among other things, to be so much fun, for there to be so much laughter at his concert. Like every other man of style, he mostly made jokes at his own expense. F ROM MY P E RSP ECT I VE : I VAN I VAČKOV I Ć, WR I T E R AND MUS I C CR I T I C Belgrade concerts that I won’t forget Five best concerts I’ve seen in Belgrade? I first thought that I should dig through the archivewhere I keep all the tickets andpasses for the concerts I’ve attended. However, I realised just amoment later that thiswouldbe unnecessary excessive effort. That’s becausememory alonewill alwaysmake the best selection of that kind. What you remember first is – obviously –what you consider as the best, dearest or, at least for you, most important. So that archive only subsequently servedme to confirm exact dates, and the first concerts I remembered (I limitedmyself to rock concerts) were the following: