Fashion » Moda | 57 Najčešće je od punijeg satena, što je upravo čini komadom koji spaja dnevne i svečane prilike They are usually made of fuller satin, which makes them a piece that brings together daily and formal occasions T HE P I ECE T HAT COMP E T ES WI T H T HE WH I T E T- SH I RT If you choose one dress – let it be a slip If we've been taught anything by this pandemic, it is to forget impulsive shopping and invest in pieces that are multifunctional, sophisticated and versatile. The slip dress has been current on this list for some time already It arrived in fashion inspired directly by underwear, i.e. nightgowns and jumpsuits. This is a timeless piece that can be styled effortlessly for all seasons and various occasions, and is easily personalised with just a few details. Its main characteristic is obliquely cut material, which ensures an attractive drop, and thin spaghetti straps.The neckline is often trimmed with lace, with the idea of emphasising femininity. They are usually made of fuller satin, which makes them a piece that brings together daily and formal occasions. Slip dresses are so practical and universal that they are compared to the ubiquitous white T-shirt in the fashion world. Once you’ve conquered the slip dress, all that’s left is for you to build a base of details with which to enrich it.This could be an ornament for the hair, depending on the occasion, a casual hat, an accentuated hairband or modern turban ribbons. The slip dress is in itself light and minimalist, so details play an important role in rounding off the style. It is precisely this cleanness of superfluous details that makes it fashionably multi-practical. The list of advantages is long, and this little dress also looks great on fuller figured ladies. Of course, with something over it, like a formal kimono, a thin metallic cardigan, a jacket etc. Apart from that, it loves all types of footwear, from trainers, flip-flops and boots, to pumps and sexy sandals. For a party you should wear it with a scarf or some formal cover piece, for daytime use add a bulky rustic cardigan or a thin rollneck underneath, and for the office combine it with a cloth jacket or fancy cardigan. Given that we’ve been gripped by the euphoria of the holidays, it isn’t too late to acquire a marabou, or some other feathery decoration. You can even sew tassels or a feathered ribbon on the edge of the dress, which you can easily remove later and continue to enjoy your universal dress. The only thing you need to pay special attention to is underwear. Satin is a material that doesn’t hide flaws and accentuates unevenness, so be careful, invest in a corset or underwear that doesn’t leave an outline. And all that’s left for you is to have a good time.