Fashion » Moda | 55 SOC I A L D I STANC I NG I SN ' T V I SUA L D I STANC I NG Glamorously for a Zoomparty On your marks, get set, enter - Zoom. Decorate the house, extract your favourite gown from the closet and head to the party, from the safety of your own home, in front of the monitor. ed by lovers of fashion with the slogan “when will I wear this if not now”. If you thought your plans were doomed, just remember that themost famous fashion weeks have shifted toonline presentations, as have business meetings and gatherings. And, slightly seriously and slightly in jest, another saying that applies is – if it didn’t happen on Instagram it didn’t happen at all. So, let’s go one step at a time. First, install Zoom or some similar application that your friends also have. Just like in real life, try out your fashion combination on time, check out how your picture looks fromdifferent angles and where the best place is for your computer. Our advice is to leave your phone free so you canchat, takepictures andsurf social networks. Turn your fridge into a bar, convert your floor into a dance floor, wear footwear that you wouldn’t normally wear around the house and, best of all, you can leave the party and head to bed whenever you want. And now let’s get back to fashion. If you want to dominate, forget neutral colours. Feel free to choose a combination of screaming patterns. Of course, you’ve left your slippers in the shoe rack and donned formal shoes or sandals, and at least you don’t have toconsiderwhether you’ll be cold. A hairstyle is implied and any striking hair decoration is welcome. Apply your make-up, forget about nude lipsticks, and let us whisper to you, those matte ones look better in photos than the shiny ones. Blush is a must, as is some matte foundation. When it comes to materials, in play are timeless luxurious plush, satin and silk, transparent materials and of course at least some little sparkling effect for a magical atmosphere in the form of sequins. The details are more playful than usual, with fringes that play in the rhythm of movement, ruffles that bring dynamismand of course corsets, large belts or satin bows around the waist. And, just like in real life, you can adjust your style to the celebration, with a more closed upper part for company parties, knitwear an option for family occasions and, for the craziest night of the year, you can opt for the attractive and provocative, naked, accentuated and overemphasised, also in terms of colour. The new normal, social distance, responsibility, sustainable fashion... We are overwhelmed by slogans as we enter the festive month of December, which we expect to shimmer and shine as we strut in the craziest festive outfits. And now what? December is the month of company celebrations, Christmas, saint’s day celebrations and themost varied parties as we warmup for what’s symbolically themost important evening of the year, when we bid farewell to the old year on New Year’s Eve. That day is await-