42 | Njujork » New York KULTURA / CULTURE WI T H J OHN I N NEW YOR K Imagine… That Lennon is alive I should have been born in New York, that’s where I belong, said Lennon, speaking about the city where his ashes are preserved HEFIRSTSAWITWHILEON TOUR WITH the Beatles in 1964, and he was left enchanted by the city, waiting to return to it one day. “I shouldhavebeenborn inNew York, that’s where I belong. Everyonewants to bewhere something is happening and that’s why I’m here now. I’m here to breathe this air. If I’d lived in Roman times, I would certainly have lived inRome. Today America is the Roman Empire, and NewYork is Rome itself” - these are thewordswithwhich JohnLennon began one of his last interviews. He arrived inNew York to take upresidence in1971.Hefirstmoved into the St. Regis Hotel with Yoko Ono, then they relocated to Greenwich Village and finally to the legendary Dakota. If you wanted to followLennon’s ghost inNewYork, you would have to visit numerous places... Hit Factory 353West 48th Street, 6th floor Nekoliko avenija dalje Lenon je redovno posećivao studio The Hit Factory, u kom je sa Joko radio na albumu Double Fantasy. U studiju i danas ima nekoliko suvenira, poput trake koju su Bitlsi koristili na albumu Abbey Road. A few avenues further away, Lennon regularly visited the Hit Factory studio, where he worked with Yoko on the Double Fantasy album. This studio still has a few souvenirs of that time, such as the tape that the Beatles used on their Abbey Road album.