Vienna Philharmonic » Bečka filharmonija | 37 NEW Y EAR ’ S CONCE RT I N V I ENNA With Strauss into a more joyous 2021 This annual concert, whichwas first performed in 1939, under the baton of conductor Clemens Krauss, and first televised in 1959, could this year be performed for the first time in front of an empty Golden Hall of Vienna’s Musikverein. But it will be held! TheViennaPhilharmonicOrchestraperforms itsNewYear’s concert intheGreatHall of the Musikvereinon1st January every year. Built according toanancientmodel, theGreatHall isalsoknownastheGoldenHall andisamong the concert halls with the best acoustics in the world. The traditional New Year’s concert is broadcast in 90 countries and watched by more than 50 million viewers worldwide. Demand for tickets is so high that each year’s ‘winners’ are drawn exclusively via the website of the Vienna Philharmonic. This ensures that all lovers of classical music have an equal chance of securing tickets. The hall of the Music Association has 2,000 seats, but this year’s COVID-19 pandemicmeans that the capacity will be reduced to 1,000 in order to maintain the required physical distance. And even that might not happen if it is decided that the Philharmonic will perform in front of an empty auditorium for the first time in the history of these concerts. The concert’s repertoire includes works by the Strauss family and contemporaries, while the conductor changes each year. In recent years it has been conducted byGustavoDudamel (2017), RiccardoMuti (2018), ChristianThielemann (2019) and Andris Nelsons (2020). RiccardoMuti will return this year to conduct the Philharmonic for the sixth time. The concert’s organisers have come up with their own measures to guard against the spread of coronavirus. Apart from spectators having to wear masks during the concert, swift tests for antibodies will be conducted at the entrance. If the epidemiological situation changes in such a way that it is not possible to perform the concert in front of a live audience, the concert will be heldwithout an audience, announced Daniel Froschauer, chairman of the Vienna Philharmonic. This would be the first time no audience has been present in the history of this concert, but this year is unfortunately full of such precedents. Fortunately, wewill have anopportunity to start 2021 with the wonderful sounds of classical music in the warmth of our homes. Živahan i nostalgičan programna početku nove godine prestavlja razigrane kompozicije koje bude optimizam / A lively and nostalgic programme at the start of the New Year presents playful compositions that awaken optimism Kultura Culture Ove godine po šesti put će Filharmonijom dirigovati Rikardo Muti Riccardo Muti will return this year to conduct the Philharmonic for the sixth time / AFP / Dieter Nagl