34 | Džejms Bond » James Bond KULTURA / CULTURE AS WE AWA I T T HE NEW BOND, T HE F I RST 007 HEADS I NTO L EGEND Connery made the character of James Bond his own, blending ruthlessness with sardonic wit. Many critics didn't like it, but the public didn't agree. He was, and shall always be remembered as, the original James Bond, whose indelible entrance into cinematic history began when he announced those unforgettable words 'the name's Bond... James Bond' Insteadof the25th instalment of the famousmovie franchise about sexy agent 007, in April this year we got something similar to a (horror) film – a pandemic and isolation.The cinema disappeared from normal life, and with it the long-awaited premiere of the last edition of James Bond to be personified by Daniel Craig - No time to die. Instead of April this year, we will only watch it – providedwe have luck and health – in April 2021. And, as we said, Craig will no longer be Bond after this film, if he doesn’t change his mind again, so the world is guessing who could replace him (we’re cheering for TomHardy), while the planet says goodbye to a man who has long been synonymous with the legendaryBritish agent. Sir SeanConnery has departed, he left quietly at the age of 90, andheaded straight into legend. We will remember him for many great roles – he was Indiana’s dad and an Untouchable – but undoubtedly mostly for the seven films in which he portrayed Bond. “The wit and charm he showed on screen could be measured in megawatts; he helped create the modern blockbuster. He will continue to influence actors and filmmakers. Wherever he is, I hope there’s a golf course there,” said current 007 Daniel Craig, bidding farewell to Connery and concluding by alluding to his great love for golf. Connery achieved instant, astonishing success as 007, thanks tohimconveying just the right dose of dangerous sex appeal and a borderline sociopathic ability for disciplined violence. A former milkman and bodybuilder, he learned how to dress and how to light a cigarette, while his muscular strength and strange sense of humour added a fine layer that gave us the final elegance and eccentricity of Bond. Ian Fleming was so impressed that he invented Scottish roots for his hero in subsequent books. And here are all the films in which we saw him star as Bond… Dr. No (1962) Dr. No launched both the James Bond movie franchise and Connery to international stardom. Most of the series’ signatures - including the openTHE NAME IS CONNERY… SEAN CONNERY