PAR IZ / PAR IS 102 | Pariz » Paris co Chanel (1883-1971), courageously sailed into the waters of fashion, conveying her attitudes on life and laying the foundations of what we now call the capsule collection. To avoid confusion, hermodels were neither cheap nor accessible to a broader circle of women, but her attitude is. We could easily even classify her within the story of sustainability and ecology that’s so current today. Her idea of a specific number of items that can be easily transformed according to a given occasion andwhich aremade fromdurable, high-qualitymaterials that flatter the figure and enable awoman towork is today referred to as a sustainable capsule collection.We buy designs that we will love and wear for a long time. We begin the story with the famous Breton t-shirt that we all have at least one of in our wardrobes today. Yes, that’s the striped sailor’s t-shirt that’s reminiscent of summer holidays but is alsoworn duringwinter, and which can also be worn for going out in the evening, provided it’s made from a luxury material. As Giorgio Armani once said, not every black t-shirt is the same, it can be made of cotton or cashmere. She was the first to introduce a knitted set, to design sports outfits, steal trousers from men’s clothing and create the famous flawless little black dress, which to this day remains the answer to every fashion dilemma. When the female body and consciousness were liberated from the then constraints of fashion and rigid social attitudes, she began creating sophisticated